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Lot 648 2017 Lake County Muscat Canelli

Lot 648 | 2017 Lake County

Muscat Canelli

Our first ever Muscat Canelli Release - worth the wait!

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Regular Price: $12.00


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Cam Confidential


44 Reviews Total


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Nice Sweet Treat

Great value. The wine is sweet and refreshing. I hope Cam can source Muscat Canelli in the future.


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Sweet with a bit of tang

This is generally a sweet wine, but with a bit of tang. Honey and orange clearly evident at first, but the finish develops some grapefruit. The wine is light in texture, but with still with nice fullness. I found no need to pair this with food; I drank it by the glass, and later with some light snacks.

Bi Cheng

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A delightful treat

Sweet, fruity, and refreshing. What more could you ask for in a moscato? Both my partner and I loved it!


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Another great value for your buck wine from CH Wines

This Muscat Canelli is a wonderful wine on a Summer evening. It's fruity depth of flavor but yet slightly crisp taste works for any casual or formal gatherings. Another very good wine value from Cam.


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The perfect sweet wine for summer evenings. Truly a joy.


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Dessert Wine

Very sweet, would use as a dessert wine. Was expecting something drier from the other reviews, but I found it too sweet to really pair with any meals.


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Excellent semi-sweet white

Muscat Canelli was not a varietal I was familiar with but wow, an excellent semi-sweet white. I prefer dry wines while my wife likes sweet. This was a great in between wine that we both really enjoyed, not dry but also not too sweet. I will be ordering more.


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Good dessert wine

Sweet wine ....refreshing and fruity


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Good summer white

Good summer white. Enjoyed it chilled with Tacos.


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I love the Moscato d'Asti so I figured I would like this one too. And I do! The peach and citrus flavors really pop, it's sweet but not too sweet. I chilled it for about 30 minutes and drank a glass after dinner. So light & refreshing! It was 84 degrees today, and it was perfect for relaxing on the deck watching the sunset. Thank you for another great white wine, I'm definitely ordering more!