Lot 648 2017 Lake County Muscat Canelli

Lot 648 | 2017 Lake County

Muscat Canelli

Our first ever Muscat Canelli Release - worth the wait!


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Cam Confidential


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Great Summer Wine

Had a nice evening sitting on the patio with my partner drinking this.


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Good Wine


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Citrus bomb!

Dry and sweet. The fruity aroma that bursts out of the bottle is intense. Really good citrus notes. Perfect fire table sipper.


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Cooking wine

We really wanted to like this, but is was just too dry to enjoy. We use it for a cooking wine.


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Muscat Love

Flowery nose with right touch of sweetness and fruit. As good as more expensive Napa wineries Muscat Canelli


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Must have Muscat Canelli

There is such a great fruit taste with this wine, I almost thought I fulfilled my Food Pyramid fruit quota for the day! It's sweet but not like candy or syrup like some wines. It's a nice cool wind-down to a tense day, but it was not warm in May so I'll have to get more when the temps go up! I'll have it with fruit, cheese, or something salty to contrast.


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Sweet n Tasty

This wine is a great aperitif. Sweet, fruit forward, without hot alcohol taste. no off notes. Enjoy!


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Great summer white wine, little sweet for me but otherwise really good.


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Right on the money

One of my favorite grapes that I grew up drinking in Paso Robles. Glad that CH carries it now - a nice refresher that isn't "on trend" that's harder to find these days - a great buy for me.


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Pairs well with cheese

This is a Muscat. The aroma of the Muscat grape comes through followed by floral notes. It is sweet but not syrupy. I liked it best when served cold. It makes for a desert wine but also can be paired with cheese.