Lot 648 2017 Lake County Muscat Canelli

Lot 648 | 2017 Lake County

Muscat Canelli

Our first ever Muscat Canelli Release - worth the wait!


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Cam Confidential


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"Grown Up", Refined Moscato

I identified this as a moscato wearing big girl pants - it's not as overly sweet as a moscato, and instead has a balanced sweetness with a very nice flavor profile, and with a 12% ABV to boot.


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Good for a sweet wine

I’m usually not a fan of white wine because they are too dry and acidity, so when I do drink a white wine, I prefer sweet but not too sweet as it tends to lead to a headache. This wine is a good sweet but not so sweet white wine and it’s 12%abv so that helps too!


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Not my favorite, but not bad

Not my favorite wine I've had from CH, let alone my favorite varietal in general, but if wasn't for the syrup type of texture, I would have liked this more.

Jackie Zinfandel

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Must have Muscat

I liked this! Not as 'cloying' as the typical Moscati or Riesling. It's a good after work wine, ok with food but probably ideal for desserts, when coffee at night is not an option. Maybe do a 'spritzer' with club soda if it's too sweet?


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I think this a very good wine, but this is MUCH sweeter than I like. For whites, I prefer Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, or even a Riesling. If you like a sweet wine, you'll probably enjoy this immensely. I would probably purchase more to serve folks who only drink sweet wine, but I don't drink it myself.


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Floral summer patio wine.

I Purchased this wine in anticipation of the kids coming home after college graduation. It is a nice substitute for their usual moscatto. Floral and light. Pairs nicely with fruit and cheese plates. Perfect summer backyard wine.

Jim Y

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Excellent, but on the sweeter side.

Aroma is honey, some melon, and light floral notes. Clean flavor, balanced...strong honey notes, some melon. A sweet wine...more sweet than riesling, but not quite dessert. I couldn't drink a lot of this, but I have guests that will go absolutely gaga over this.


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Nice sweet wine

I tried this but it is a bit sweet for my palate. Good balance, flavors and acid


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Wonderful - not to sweet - great with fruit

Nice well balanced with a slight hint of Lemmon. Goes well with Light table fair and with shell fish like crab cakes and crabs.


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Sweet, light & crisp

Very nice dessert style wine, wonderful nose, sweet but finishes with dryer, lemony citrus notes.