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Lot 647 2017 Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir Rosé
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Lot 647 | 2017 Chehalem Mountains


Elegant, fresh, artfully crafted rosé from a top notch producer in the Willamette Valley.


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Cam Confidential


65 Reviews Total


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No, just no

Hold the presses. This just wasn't up to Cameron Hughes' standard. We have a saying in our house "Cameron Hughes never disappoints". Except this time. The wine has no noticeable bouquet other than alcohol. It just tasted vaguely sour but became more palatable as it warmed up (not my favorite thing to do with rose). On it's own, no thanks. Paired with food, it was vaguely ok. This is NOT what a good rose tastes like.

Mary Lou

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Rich full flavors!!

Excellent wine with chicken or fish - great full flavors!!


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Fruity, but not too sweet. We quite enjoyed this wine!


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Oregon comes through

Loved it. Strawberry nose immediately with floral background. I can pick up the blood orange that Cam mentions in the description. The dryness is a welcomed friend. Well done. Good find.


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Mountain Rose

great value


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Table Rose

The price point is what crushes it here. The rose itself is solid, but the price is so low how can you not buy? I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't too sweet either, which is great because I'm not a fan of sweet rose.


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Great for Every Day

Great Rose for an every day wine!

Mary Lou

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Wonderful dry Rose

Great wine for those warmer evenings!


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Nice dry rose

Strawberry, but not like candy, no sweetness actually. Simply crisp, on the drier side, and easy to drink, our kind of rose when we want a break from our usual reds.


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My wife likes it!

While I have found some of the reviews for this wine entertaining, and I certainly support other people's opinions...I don't think this wine is bad. While I am usually a red wine drinker, I do enjoy a nice Rose from time to time. I think the problem with this wine is it is on the lighter side. It is dry...but is lacking a little in the flavor. I will probably look for another Rose...but I think this one is worth the price.