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Lot 647 2017 Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir Rosé

Lot 647 | 2017 Chehalem Mountains


Elegant, fresh, artfully crafted rosé from a top notch producer in the Willamette Valley.


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Cam Confidential


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Soft, fruity, but not too crisp. Great wine for a warm summer evening.

Ed G

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Good wine and a good value

This was a very nice rose, not to sweet and yet a good amount of fruit flavor. The value is very good.


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This is a refreshing rose! I prefer lot 639 over this one, but this one’s still nice, crisp & refreshing! :)


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A nice, flavorful wine

I purchased a total of four bottles of various wines, but thus far, we’ve tapped into but one bottle.
This Rose’ is quite pleasant, with good flavors and a sweet fragrance. I’ve heard numerous commercials for CH, and now that we’ve completed one bottle, we’re looking forward to several more over time. The value compared to cost is marvelous, as well as the flavor and quality.


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Light and Drinkable

While I am not typically a white/rosé drinker, I found this wine to be exquisite. It has a lighter taste and it is quite enjoyable!


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A Winter Rose?

If there's such a thing as a Winter Rose, this is one (I'm writing this...and drinking February). Bright, bold (for a Rose), distinct strawberry notes, eminently quaffable in cold weather. Had this with garlic pasta (and I'm talking two heads--not cloves, heads--of garlic!), and it was delicious! Forget Provence for this season, check out Oregon!


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Unique rose

I’m a big fan of the Pinot noir from Chehalem, and was quite interested in trying a rose from there. In a word or two, fantastic and unique. Quite different than other roses I’ve had - you can definitely taste the Pinot from Chehalem influence. Tasty!


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So good!

My dad loves a good glass of dry rosé . . . so when I shared this one with him, he was definitely pleased! As was I! Great wine for a great price!


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Love this rosé! Super strawberry punch with some floral notes and a citrusy finish. I plan to age my other bottle. This is one of my favorite rosés and made this winter night feel like summertime.


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dry, crispy berries and fruit--summer!

drier than many. lots of interesting fruits. some mineral character. really fresh tasting--a delightful reminder of summer.