Lot 646 2016 Red Mountain Syrah
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Lot 646 | 2016 Red Mountain


A small-lot Syrah from the same producer that brought us Lot 575 and Lot 660!


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Pleasant red

Used this one in a beef stew recipe and had it breathe for quite a while. We enjoyed it. Nice body. Decent price.


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Nice Syrah

I agree with other reviewers that this Syrah does not stand out as much as others I had. However, It has a wonderful nose upfront and good dark fruit, very drinkable.


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Nice Syrah

We took this over to a friend's for shish kabobs from a Mediterranean grocer and it was so delicious with the meat. It had nice tannins and wasn't too dry. We don't know much about Syrahs but it was perfect with this meal.


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Pleasant after Decanting

Like several other reviewers, this was not my new favorite straight out of the bottle. However, it did improve significantly after decanting 2 1/2 hours. The flavors and nose opened up. I enjoyed rich berry flavors in my last glass.


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Very good

I liked it but a little quirky


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OK but not great

Not my favorite CH wine. Just OK.


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Too young to drink now?

At this price point it is difficult to be too critical, but the wine was not as smooth as I was expecting and didn't have the depth of fruit that I was hoping for.
I would leave my next bottle for another couple of years to allow the fruit to develop and the wine to mellow.


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Many wines in one.

Enjoyed this Syrah quite a bit. At first I was disappointed as I was expecting a bold wine only to find it something less with more. I continued to drink and found myself thinking pinot - zin - shiraz. This wine seems to be a combination of the 3 presenting with a bit of spice, fruit heavy and a pinot lightness. Quite unique for what it is. Try it and enjoy the flavor journey.


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So so

I am neautral on this wine. I thought it was ok but not great


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Great smokiness

I'm not a fan of Syrah generally, but this one is a gem. A bit of smokiness that went phenomenally with oven roasted tomatoes and pork roast heavy with cumin. Will be getting more!