Lot 645 2017 Sonoma Coast Fumé Blanc

Lot 645 | 2017 Sonoma Coast

Fumé Blanc

Our first ever Fumé Blanc! A barrel-aged Sauvignon Blanc with the depth and complexity of a rich Chardonnay.


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Cam Confidential


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Wow! Not like any Sauv Blanc I've tasted1

If you are looking for a grassy New Zealand sauv blanc, Nope, this isn't it. Hardly like a sauv blanc at all to me...more like a combination sauv blanc and chardonnay, as others have suggested. Very good- heavy duty body, tart, yet a bit of sweetness and minerality.


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Good flavor

I love both Sauvignon blancs and Chards, This wine drinks more like an unoaked Chard, I enjoyed it very much!


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Best of two varieties

As I prefer chardonnay and am not a fan of sauvignon blanc, I was a little wary and had low expectations, but turns out it was a great pick for my wine club shipment. Reminiscent of an unoaked chardonnay that made me feel at home, but light enough that I think regular sauvignon blanc drinkers will like it too.


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Excellent Fume Blanc

Crisp and great with grilled sea bass.


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Not my style

Not much nose and a weird taste and finish. Somewhat sweet. Goes OK with food but not so much just drinking it alone. I guess that I am more of a red wine drinker.


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Nice mix of Chardonnay feel with Sauv Blanc

I have mostly ordered reds from CH but based on reviews I gave this a try. As stated before it does remind me a bit of of Chardonnay done in steel. So, it is a good alternative for when you want a white without the heavy buttery Chardonnay vibe. I will probably order more for the summer months.


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I was pleasantly surprised with this bottle. Even though it’s Sauvignon blanc, it is reminiscent of an unoaked Chardonnay with some hints of yeast. Just bought a few more!


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A very bright white wine which I believe was originally named by Mondavi and he let all makers use it. Full of fruit and soft on the pallet. Terrific bottle.


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Refreshing. A very nice Sauvignon Blanc.


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Chardonnay Lovers will love this wine!

... me , not so much. The odd combination of the grape and oak does not work for me. I can't drink it! :(