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Lot 645 2017 Sonoma Coast Fumé Blanc

Lot 645 | 2017 Sonoma Coast

Fumé Blanc

Our first ever Fumé Blanc! A barrel-aged Sauvignon Blanc with the depth and complexity of a rich Chardonnay.


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Cam Confidential


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Richer style with lots of lemon

Not a typical Sonoma SB as had lots of lemon and citrus but almost bigger french Graves style. Better with food than on the porch


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Too much alcohol

Not bad, but just for very specific pairings. There is way too much alcohol for my personal taste (15.4 almost a fortified wine!)
Interesting convergence toward a Chardonnay but overall not my favorite.


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Not bad, but not my fav

I feel that this is a great wine when paired with the right food, but as a stand along summer sipping wine, it is not my favorite. More like a Chardonnay (Of which I am not a fan) than a Sauvignon Blanc


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Another lovely summer sipper at a nice price. Great daily drinker.


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Fantastic Fume

This is an incredible take on the old Sauv. Blanc. I say this because my wife doesn't like SB that much (especially from NZ), but she loved this wine. It is pale, like a Pinot Grigio, but it packs multiple flavors that are distinct and delicious. I agree with other commentators not to serve it too cold and let it breath for best results. A great deal for $15.


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Nice play on Sauvignon Blanc

This is the first that I have had Sauvignon Blanc aged in oak and it is good. Still not heavy but adds some complexity that will be a nice change to throw into the summer mix.


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Very nice wine

This Sauvignon Blanc is crisp yet complex. It melds citrus notes with minerality. I agree with other reviewers that it is reminiscent of a steel aged Chardonnay and that it is better served not too cool in order for the flavor to fully emerge.


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Not an expert, but enjoyed it right out of the bottle.

So when I read Mark's review, I thought "(Expletive) I wish I would have opened this sooner. But I actually enjoyed the first sips after opening a bit more than I did after it had been open for a while. It was nice and crisp, pungent and had a great hint of grapefruit, all of which was lost to some extent after it had been open for a while. Not an expert by any stretch - so this is the reaction of an "amateur". Still we enjoyed it after the last drop was gone, but those first few sips were really good.


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Lovely surprise!

What a nice surprise it was to open this bottle and expect something pleasant and light and innocuous - and then to discover a flavorful, nuanced glass ready to enjoy alone or with a light dinner. And a bargain! To note - my bottle was just barely chilled and perhaps over chilling should be avoided based on the other comments.


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Unexpected complex

Much improved with air before drinking.the mix of sweet and citrus was a treat.