Lot 645 2017 Sonoma Coast Fumé Blanc

Lot 645 | 2017 Sonoma Coast

Fumé Blanc

Our first ever Fumé Blanc! A barrel-aged Sauvignon Blanc with the depth and complexity of a rich Chardonnay.


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Cam Confidential


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The label on the front states Fume Blanc but the back states Sauv Blanc, which is this? My understanding is that a FB is aged in oak barrels while SB isn’t? I didn’t feel this was an oaky wine so is this an FB or SB, also I’m NOT a wine aficionado so just looking to understand if there’s a difference or not:)


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We don't want anyone to know how good this is----

We don't want anyone to know how good this is----then it will be out of stock. Every time we open a bottle, we are loving it all over again.


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Excellent Fumé.

Basically a Sauvignon blanc of course. Very nice minerally and fruity flavors. Loved this wine!


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First Fume Blanc from the Sonoma coast I have tried. and it does not disappoint. Grab it while you can.


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My Wife is Mad

My wife is mad at me for not oerdering 12 of these bottles. Amazing SB! So worth every penny! Wish we bought more,


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Clean, crisp and wonderful!


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Need More

Wanted to try, and was not disappointed. This will be a great summer drinking wine.


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Dry crisp mineral finish

A nice mineral finish that adds to a dry crisp mouth feel. Need more soon.


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light and smooth

good color on the pour.. drinking it super chilled during a couple days of super hot so cal weather. I think the flavors were definitely lighter because of the cold. however, it was smooth and pleasant.


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Interesting combination

This really does taste like a cross between Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay and is a great change of pace at a good price.