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Lot 643 2015 Paicines Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 643 | 2015 Paicines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Easily a top contender for Value Cabernet of the Year - absolutely incredible value for price in California Cabernet.


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Cam Confidential


32 Reviews Total


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Another Great Value

I loved this cab. I always love the oaky flavor in a good red, and this has it. What a great deal. Hard to go wrong with CH wines.


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Up and coming region

We are always happy to try wines from emerging regions from CH since we get such good value for quality wines. We had tried the 524 last year about this time, and enjoyed it as an everyday wine. Same thing here with the Lot 643, just simply good wine for casual occasions.


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Delicious Cab!

A delicious wine! The nose is all black fruit--blackberry, black cherry. After the first taste, there's an herbal qualitty underneath, a healthy taste like breathing the air in Sequoia National Park. Maybe a touch of asparagus, just the right amount of oak. Had this with a very spicy Indian meal, and it stood up to the complexiities of the food with aplomb. Another memorable C-H wine, at an amazing price!


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Great value!

Cabs at this price point tend to be hit or miss. Cameron Hughes has come out with another hit! This is a well balanced wine with hints of dark fruit and leather on the nose, and a fruity taste with a soft mouth feel. You absolutely can't beat this for the price!


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So much oak!

Not my favorite! Way too much oak for my taste, completely overpowers the grape. It's like someone poured vanilla extract in the bottle...


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Very nice testing, I say a hint of dryness but my friend doesn't think so. Sits well on the tongue.


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Another tasty cab

I love cabernets and this one was great. Haven't had a disappointing wine from here yet.


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Hell of a Deal

The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because the more expensive wines like 662 are even better deals. This is an incredible cab for an amazing price. You cant go wrong.


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Decent wine, Better value

It's hard to knock this wine as it has a very good price point. I poured a glass and noted black current and dark cherry. It's more of a fruit forward and the tannins are subdued. Overall, it's more of a bargain everyday drinkable wine. Classic CH value.


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Definitely Great Value

I opened the bottle, pared two glasses and let them breath for a while. The dark color and blackcurrant nose was immediately noticeable and very pleasant. The tannins were present but not at all overpowering. Just right, Great finish too!