Lot 642 2015 Paicines Malbec
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Lot 642 | 2015 Paicines


A fantastic red wine value from one of California's oldest and lesser-known AVAs.


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Highly recommended by CH and well worth it

I am a fan of Malbec, and this wine does not disappoint. Wonderful cherry notes, beautiful color, and goes well with meat pastas and burgers.


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wow out of stock - glad i just got an order

This is/was (OOstock now) my daily dinner wine. Excellent with food or on its own. Not too heavy so better with lighter spicer dishes not heavy beef dinners.
Smooth with nice fruit and spice. $15 seems like good value


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A casual Malbec...

Good value, solid choice for casual dining, anyday sipping wine. Agree w/ other reviewers: not as “full bodied” as other Malbecs, but enjoyable!


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Great value

Good wine, great for the price. Not very bold...so you need to be careful how you pair. I will be ordering more!


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Value Value Value

Similar to 641 in terms of value


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Ok, not great

642 is a little lite for my taste. I much prefer a bolder wine.


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Good Malbec

Good Malbec. Enjoyed with pasta.


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Good Value

Another tasty red from Paicines. Medium body, rich tasting and a little spicy. Goes well with heavy flavored food.


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Great wine

Nice dark berry and blueberry notes with long finish - great value for this price


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Good Value but a little light

A little light for a Malbec and a little edge on the finish. Overall good value for 15 but probably would not buy again. Enjoyed drinking the wine. So far have not had a below average wine from CH.