Lot 641 2015 Paicines Merlot

Lot 641 | 2015 Paicines


From the mountains of Paicines, this is an unbeatable deal for California Merlot of this quality.


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Cab drinker, but this merlot is great!

OK, I'm primarily a cabernet drinker, along with some pinots which my wife does not like...means I usually have to drink the whole bottle. However, this merlot is really good- opened a bottle with friends two days ago, and it was gone in an instant! Great deal at $13, and I just got two more bottles in my monthly shipment!


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Inexpensive sophistication.

What a deal! This Merlot has smooth sophistication and rich, warm flavor.


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Fruit forward, smooth paired great with BBQ excellent buy at $13


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Lovely Merlot

We recently started drinking more Merlot than Cabs. We let this breathe for about and hour and enjoyed a glass while preparing dinner. It was delicious and we would definitely buy it again.


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Merlot as it should be

Jurgen's "Buy it!" review is right. Don't hesitate. Don't even finish reading this review.

If you like Merlot, get some. If you don't like Merlot, then try this and if you still don't … well, then you can call it a day. (But give the rest of the bottle to someone else.) Merlot is a tough since even good Merlots tend to taste slightly 'less than' if you are a big cab drinker. Full disclosure: I feel this way about all but the very best Pinots.

In short: At the price, this an exceptional default table wine.


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Ages With Time

This 2015 Paicines Merlot ages with time. I'm not a huge fan of Merlot but I decided to give this one a shot given that I had enjoyed the Malbec from the same appellation. I was quite surprised with how good this Merlot turned out. I drank a glass and then reopened the bottle a couple of days later to find out it had aged even better since I had opened it. I would recommend opening the bottle and letting it sit for 2 days before drinking it - just tastes far superior then.


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Very Nice Merlot

This merlot came in our wine club shipment. We don't often order merlots but this one was a real surprise. I let it breath a while before tasting. It was quite pleasant on the palate. The tannins weren't strong and they balanced well with the fruit flavors.


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Buy it!

This surprisingly smooth and tannin-free Merlot is the perfect accompaniment to a weekday meal, be it a pizza, a burger (maybe a bit on the light side depending on your condiments), or Asian lettuce wraps. And if all else fails, have a glass or two without food and enjoy the relatively full body and the nuances flavors that this little gem brings along. In my original order I had included three bottles of this $13 go-to wine whose quality is leaps and bound above your $13 supermarket swill. And so I ordered another 9 bottles (and also included three bottles of 636, which is bolder, bigger, and burlier). You can't go wrong with this one! Buy it while it lasts! (I gave it 5 stars for value; as a wine in the spectrum that I buy in, up to maybe $60, I'd give it 3.5 stars.)


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Great Merlot for the price

I often choose Cabernets, but I LOVE this Merlot. It's a great price for a good quality wine.


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1st bottle.

Decanted for 2.5 hours in anticipation of homemade meat spaghetti sauce on linguine #6.
Nose offers an earthy image of sweet blackberry on graphite stone and cassis.
The pallet is exceptionally muscular with cassis off the top, some plumb, ripe blackberry and dark stone followed by a thick tannin structure that breaks apart with a mouth watering acidity followed by a nice slightly toasty oak that lingers with blackberry and plumb until next sip.