Lot 639 2017 Arroyo Seco Valdiguié Rosé

Lot 639 | 2017 Arroyo Seco


An absolute lock to be one of the most popular Rosé offerings we've ever acquired, at almost half the original price!


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Cam Confidential


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Mom says, "Drink this!"

My mom loves rosés, so I brought her several to celebrate her 85th birthday. This 639 was the best of the bunch, she said. Like drinking strawberries - fruity, but not overly so. It pairs well with her favorite food, which is salad. Mom liked that the Valdiguié is a European grape - special, like an 85th birthday. Cheers!


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Dry and Fruity

Impressive flavor - not very sweet. Our tasters who preferred red wines were very impressed. Our tasters who preferred Rieslings were hoping it would be sweeter but got over it. It was universally liked by all.


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Very light

Very light. Great with deserts or Salad


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Light and refreshing

We don't typically drink rose. But we really enjoyed this one. Not nearly as sweet as we assumed rose's to be. As a new Cam wine club member, we've been impressed with the quality and variety.


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Fresh Strawberries

Nice summer rose with a medium sweetness and lots of strawberry notes. Easy drinking and great for salads


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Have had lots of different roses over the years - from a number of different varietals, even some blends. This is a first for this grape (go look it up - I’m too lazy to try to spell it). Love the fruity, light citrus taste with a hint of sweetness. Be careful not to drink too cold - that will dilute some of the wonderful flavors. Just got done sipping a glass on the deck in the fall sunshine. Buy before it sells out. Cheers!


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Great food wine

This was my first valdiguie rose so I didn't know what to expect. I have enjoyed most of Cam's rose's for the fresh fruit flavors. This one is not so fruity; it's smoother and we'll balanced but still tasty, and without all that fruit up front it's a great food wine. I really enjoyed it and will buy it again.


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Great Value

I just recently started drinking Rose. Never liked them before, as I thought they were too sweet. This was smooth and refreshing without being overly sweet. Great Rose for the price.


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Love Rose, not a huge fan of this one

very light and refreshing, but lacked the depth of flavor that pushes a rose over the top. That said, still a good hot weather wine.


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Very light and refreshing. Not usually a big fan of rose, and this is delicious.