Lot 639 2017 Arroyo Seco Valdiguié Rosé

Lot 639 | 2017 Arroyo Seco


Gold Medal & 91 pts, 2019 San Diego Int'l Wine Competition; An absolute lock to be one of the most popular Rosé offerings we've ever acquired, at almost half the original price!


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If you like your rose bigger than Provençal style, this is it!

If you like your rose bigger than the typical Provençal rose, you’ll love this one. The bold fruitiness match’s the color, but the acid and long dry finish is a great counterbalance. Well made. I don’t recall ever having Valdiguie before; just another example of the interesting uncommon varietals that are out there.


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Afternoon Boat Wine

I hadn't purchased a rose in decades. I had been looking for a light, crisp afternoon wine to take on the boat when touring my real estate clients around the lake. The Arroyo Seco has been absolutely perfect! I am so pleased with my decision to purchase this wine. I love the fruit tones and just a hint of sweetness. Importantly, my discerning clients have also enjoyed my selection. After my initial order I have since ordered more to make sure I have an ample supply to carry me through the early Fall season.


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Enough said

My son came to our house on the lake with a bunch of his friends from Chicago. They brought numerous bottles of Rose: some quite expensive, one from France in a beautiful bottle. All liked the 639 best. Enough said.


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Perfect dock wine

Kind of new to Rose, and the Brose bandwagon. But this is a great bottle of wine. Perfect for 4pm on the dock.


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An excellent rose

A rose for red drinkers


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Beat the Heat

A perfect wine for the hot days of summer! Crisp and light fruit on the palette.


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Nicely Balanced Rose

For the price, this one has got it all covered. Not too sweet and not too dry. Crisp with strawberry highlights. Once opened, the bottle doesn't last very long. That's why I bought two cases.


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I am an avid red drinker that never tinkered with Rose.
I purchased this at my wife's request and was pleasantly surprised to find a new patio sipper


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Perfect for the patio

Wonderful color and nose. The strawberry notes were very pronounced and the background of wet mineral was easy to find. Well done


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rose 639

excellent rose , price is great , crisp but not sweet