Lot 634 2016 St. Helena Lagrein

Lot 634 | 2016 St. Helena


Perhaps the rarest varietal in Napa Valley. Only 175 cases available!


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Cam Confidential


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great find

Ditto on not being familiar with the grape. Agree on the deep color and pleasant taste - earthy yet smooth and drinkable -- we didn't wait upon opening. I'd buy it again; interesting and good value. I'd gladly serve it to friends and happy I bought several bottles.


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Something new

I was not familiar with this varietal and was excited to try

Deep color from the bottle and required 2 hrs before it started to open up. Great nose with chocolate and black cherry.

Body was surprisingly light and smooth with a nice dry finish. Goes wonderfully with food.


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Needs more time...?

Like other reviewers I had never heard of this grape but, it sounded good so I ordered a case when it was first released. I always give my wine time to settle down after being shipped cross country so I didn't open my first bottle until two nights ago. First pour I found it somewhat bitter so I waited for about half an hour. The bitterness was gone but not a whole lot of flavor. I then put it away until the next night. By then it had smoothed out considerobly but still a little weak on flavor. I'll give it more time, like two or three months before I open another bottle.


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Wine Varietal Lagrein was a Very Pleasant Surprise

I had never heard of the varietal named Lagrein but the first taste was a very pleasant surprise to the taste buds. Excellent, intense red wine with nicely balance tannins.


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What a great wine! I have never heard of this varietal but I will be on the lookout for it now. If you are looking for something different and love dark, deep wines this is it.


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I agree with the only other reviewer. Dark and brooding. If you like this tyoe of wine, go for it! I do and will order more.


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Unusually good

Wasn't familiar with this varietal, but Cam's marketing machine enticed me into buying a couple "tester" bottles. I almost peed my pants when I saw how dark and inky this was...good nose and matched well with heavier foods that evening. Cam's description is spot-on! Nice find! 2nd purchase already delivered. Need to make room for more.


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Superb wine

A great treat. Nice change of pace. Excellent flavors and holds up well with foods.

Newport Tom

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Surprisingly good

Never even heard of Lagrein but I bought it since I've never tried one of the really small Lots from Cam that wasn't great. This is about as dark and brooding a wine I've ever had from anywhere in California, and I'm coming back for a case.