Lot 632 2016 Napa Valley Syrah
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Lot 632 | 2016 Napa Valley


A supple, fabulous Napa Valley Syrah - under 300 cases available!


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Sweet Syrah

This has gotten some mixed reviews, and I can see why, but we loved it. Definitely more smokey in character than I'm used to from this varietal, but it stayed in balance and just added to what was otherwise fantastic fruit. Only bought 3 bottles because of the slightly higher price point for a Syrah, which is too bad because now it's gone and I'd definitely have more if I could.


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Good Syrah

Like many other reviewers a good Syrah but not great. Mild bouquet, medium body, very dry and chalky(earthy) than I like.
I would also like to see more Syrah like those offer by CH Wine a year or two ago.


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Wish I would have ordered more than 1

I was surprised how good this was. It was a little different than I expected as it had really nice fruit that seemed to stand out more than the pepper which was fine with me . If there was more available I would order.


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Brought Back Memories

Not a huge Syrah fan, but this one caught me. The slight peppery flavors brought back memories of southwest France, where we spent some sabbatical years in the mid-90’s. This one will make us try more Syrah’s in the future.


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Very good!

Not good enough for a 5 star since I drink a lot of Syrah and note that it could use a touch more tannin and body. But for a Napa origin it is quite good and I have re-purchased some. I would ask for a higher alcohol - say 15% versus 14.5% which might add significant flavor and be slightly bigger. I wish CH could come by more Syrahs such as previous lots as they are the ones we look forward to. All in all a very good bottle!


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Not what we expected

The first taste from this wine was pepper. I'm not a fan of a peppery wine so it was just ok. Not like the 646 Syrah which we liked very much. It's evident everyone has different tastes.


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Great for the price - will order more

Another varietal that I don't have a lot of experience with but this one is a really nice rich offering that I will probably order again. Thanks CH for expanding my red palette beyond cabs.


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Would not have thought a syrah from Napa could match a Rhone standard but this certainly does. Napalicous.


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Good syrah

This is a good California Syrah and good dark black blue fruit tones.


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patience is a virture...

ay 3 - wow. what a difference. if you have any left, open at least the night before and let it open up. it has wonderful northern rhone tendencies with lots of spice and dried fruit. quite a bargain at $20, but gone apparently. wish he had more to sell...