Lot 630 2015 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel
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Lot 630 | 2015 Dry Creek Valley


Gold Medal, 2018 Denver Int'l Wine Competition; A quintessential expression of Sonoma Zin - one of the best we've ever released, if not the best.


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Cam Confidential


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Great Value

Great taste affordable price. Loved the Zinfandel!


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Intense Zin

I fell in love with Zinfandel in Paso Robles, and their Zins have a wildly intense character...almost too much so, with a deep fruitiness that approaches Port. This one has the same intensity, but it's less fruity. The nose tells you what you need to know--a dry red, but with many layers, and when you take the first (or second, or third), you get notes of tobacco, leather, and (surprisingly) asparagus. It's a complex, intense wine, at an amazing price. I had it with a red sauce pasta and meatballs, and should have been paired with more complex fare, to match the richness of the wine. A classic, rich Sonoma Zin!


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A Zin I finally like!

I'm not a huge fan of Zin....but this one is a good one!


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My favorite!!

This is my favorite Cameron Hughes wine by far! This one and 636. I never had a dark Zinfandel before and I got it in my wine club shipments awhile back and I'm obsessed now. I ordered a few for friends and family for Christmas. An awesome surprise since I normally go for Pinot and Cabs.


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A dynamite wine for an incredible price

Last week I received a shipment of this robust zinfandel, and last night I enjoyed the first bottle. I was surprised how little time this beautifully dark wine needed to display its full character. The lack of any major tannins allows drinking this wine on its own, without the need for food to mellow things out. The mouthfeel is extremely satisfying, round and balanced. Despite the high alcohol content this zin does not scream "alcohol." Man, so drinkable. Good thing I got a case, and with stock being low I may have to order another case since there's room in the Eurocave to store a few more....


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Quite a score

This is great Zin, even more amazing for the price. This is what CH is all about, high quality wine without the hype.


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Get it while you can

I can see why this is a CH favorite. I'm glad I was able to order before it ran out. Not overly jammy, nicely balanced and spicy. Will be ordering more.


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Surprise hit

This wine is amazing! A surprise hit from the blind buy from the description! Highly recommended as its very flavorful!


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great Zin

Loved it, great tasting. Would definitely purchase more

Susan and Kent

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Keep Purchasing More

A classic zinfandel that we keep coming back for. Has a delicious blackberry and tobacco flavor.