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Lot 625 2016 Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 625 | 2016 Yountville

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our first 2016 vintage Napa Cab - smooth, supple, and a terrific deal.


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Cam Confidential


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Very Good

This one is priced a bit below the annual "big cab" releases, so people that try to compare this to a 606/609/614 are really looking at two different things IMO. Those were $32-$35 a bottle and this is at least 25% less than that. I find this to be excellent, and it gets better the longer it sits. It is not the "bomb" that those other ones are...this doesn't hit me like a $125 bottle. But it does strike me as something that I would pay $40-50 for in a store, so I find it to be a good value. Very smooth and supple, not overly fruit forward, I think this is very drinkable and pairs well with red meat, it does not get overpowered. Smooth, good drinking cab.


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It's a good wine, but a bit pricey.

I had high expectations like the 606, but this one is just not as good.


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Really enjoyed

With having had some great wines from Yountville I had big expectations and I think this wine fulfilled them. Full body and left me wanting to not share with anyone.

Spence & Leah

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Good gateway wine

Great flavor, but lacking in attack. Mellow mid pallet with a soft finish. Good balance of flavor and acidity.


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There are some exquisite Cabs coming out of Yountville and this one is one of the very top wines.full bodied, rich and luscious. Compare it to $90/$100 bottles.


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Fantastic Wine

I was NOT disappointed in this wine at all. Opened and let it breathe for about an hour. It was smooth and velvety, with almost no "pucker" factor (low tannins). The nose is full of berries...cherry and blackberry hit hard. The smooth texture rolls over your palette. The bite on your tongue is a little sharp, but that could be that the wine may have just need a bit more decanting. I will for sure keep buying this lot as long as it's available.


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I was disappointed in this cab. I decanted and left it for over an hour and it did not Improve. It had a bitter finish. Undrinkable.


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Very Enjoyale

Very, very enjoyable wine, especially after decanting.


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Not one of my favorites

I wanted to like this more so I just opened my last bottle. It could be that it needs more time in the bottle but it lacks the body that I have come to expect from CH cabs. Not one that I will reorder but that's OK because there are many others to choose from.


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Please decant this for a winner

I've had this is my cellar for a year now. We enjoyed it last night with Boeuf Bourguinon. I opened it 3 and a half hours in advance. Very mellow and elegant with extremely comfortable mouth. I don't see how you can beat it.