Lot 624 2017 Moscato d'Asti

Lot 624 | 2017 Italy


Our #1 customer requested wine! Artisan-crafted from a single vineyard’s 30 year-old vines, and the pinnacle expression of the varietal.


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I love this wine. The effervescence is so refreshing and it's marvelous on a hot day. The price is so friendly that I never feel guilty experimenting with this wine. A favorite is to add 1/2 ounce of a locally made and utterly delicious orange liquor (from Grove Street Alchemy if you're lucky enough to live in Colorado) to a glass of Moscato. Iced or not, it's wonderful!


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If you like sweet wines (which I do), this wine is for you.

If you like sweet wines (which I do), this wine is for you. It's sweet but light and there are just enough bubbles to give it an extra "something".


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Perfect for Holiday parties!

The slight sweetness and effervescence balances well with blue cheese and multiple other sweet desserts. Really enjoyable on its own too.


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The wine I judge all others against

I first stumbled upon this lovely libation several years ago when CH last released a lot, quickly bought and consumed several bottles and have spent the years in between searching for anything that could amount to the delight that this is. As other reviews indicate, it is very sweet and effervescent, but I think this is what makes it very refreshing and enjoyable. Perfect for enjoying on its own or with a small snack over good conversation.


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A summer wine

Nice as a before dinner sip with cheese and crackers; light and refreshing. Will get more for next summer in case this disappears.


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A little too sweet

Although we enjoyed this particular bottle it was just a little too sweet


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Quite good

A little sweeter than I expected but really enjoyable.


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Very good

A little sweeter than I anticipated but still quite good. Enjoyed it with extra sharp cheese and rye crackers.


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Seems Great for its style, but not ideal for my taste

A very interesting and delightful wine, but uses seem more limited, at least to my palate. Probably ideal on the veranda with crackers & cheese, but I usually restrict wine to dinner. Haven't found an ideal dinner (for what we enjoy) to match this. But if light & sweet is your thing or you sip outdoors on a summer afternoon, this a great choice.


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Sweetness with beaucoup bubbles

Very sweet with a lot of carbonization makes it quite refreshing. If you are looking for light or subtle you may be disappointed, but if sweet and bubbly is your goal this is a great choice.