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Lot 614 2015 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 614 | 2015 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Double Gold Medal, 2018 Denver Int'l Wine Competition; A blockbuster Cabernet from the same producer as Lot 200! Guaranteed to be one of the biggest hits of the year.


(74 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


74 Reviews Total


Verified Purchase


Repeated my purchases three times for this Cabernet! Love the notes & flavors! One of the Cabernets for it's price! Hope it comes back in stock again soon!


Verified Purchase

Excellent cabernet

Just opened my second bottle...neglected to review my first. Excellent cab, and of course, now sold out. Hope some of you bought more while it lasted!


Verified Purchase

Excellent Value

Very nice wine at an excellent price. Definitely 5 stars and a value.


Verified Purchase

Good wine

This was a good wine, though not my favorite


Verified Purchase

Beautiful !

We have been saving this wine for a special occasion although it really didn't happen that way, however we were not disappointed. Such a lush wine, and I wish we had more!


Verified Purchase

My favorite cab

Probably my favorite cab so far. I hear the 609 is better but I haven't tried it. A friend of mine gave me the 614 as a xmas present and it knocked my socks off... haha. I then bought two bottles. I'm mad at my self for not buying more because it's sold out. Hopefully it comes back. I would definitely buy more to age.


Verified Purchase

First bad CH wine I've had

This is my 3rd or 4th cab from CH and this one was really bad. I suspect possibly cork taint or air got into the bottle. The cork looked totally fine (most of the time on a bad bottle, I can tell the cork was leaking or some nasty stuff growing on the cork). Like all the other bottles I received, it immediately went into my wine cooler. I love love love cab and this tasted bad. Extremely bitter to the point that it burned my mouth. I used an aerator initially (which typically works great) and it was so bad I just let my glass sit an hour. Still bad. Then I let the bottle sit for hours and then put it through the aerator again and a decanting glass and still just as bad. Usually when I've had bad wine, it is really sour or extremely bland but I know they don't always go bad the same exact way. The best I can describe this was extremely bitter. I can handle a 1 or 2 year old cab just fine, so it's not because it is pretty young. Let's hope I don't have another bad bottle for a while.


Verified Purchase

Excellent release

I have been enjoying the 614 Cab many times on my own since it's release. It's been my 2nd favorite next to 609. I recently took my last bottle to a restaurant with some friends who know and enjoy Napa Cabs. They were blown away. Unfortunately it's not available anymore.


Verified Purchase

Great cab

This cabernet deserves all of the positive comments and all of the award medals.


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Beautiful Cab!

Glad I just ordered a few more bottles! Beautiful cab - I'll miss this one! Absolutely adorable - you just want more!