Lot 613 2013 Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 613 | 2013 Red Mountain

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our fourth blockbuster release for the fall season!


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Dr. Don

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As a Washingtonian I drink a lot of WA wines. I helped bottle 1200 cases a week ago at a 7500 case winery, helped bottle 1400 cases at a 13,000 case winery on Tuesday and will help bottle 2000 cases next week at a Custom Crush facility with 20 wineries there now. So, I have somewhat of a WA palate, even though I lived near Napa in the 1980’s and explored many of the wineries. It is hard to believe that 613 is over 15% alcohol as it is so soft and easy to drink. Part of that is because it is Red Mountain, which brings that type of softness to the palate. We found the tannins still there, but Moving towards the background as chocolate and light, but bright, berries come through. It was great with a tenderloin filet tonight, but it so good just as a sipper afterwards. We wonder if it might be either Kiona or Fidelitas.


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Loved it!

I'm usually not a fan of red wines, but the Cabernet Sauvignons that I've purchased from Cameron Hughes are the exceptions! The description of this one is spot on and it was delicious with both my steak & dessert (chocolate cake


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I'll add a disclaimer that we opened a bottle of all of our 2015 varieties over the last two weeks. I know these reviews won't help with purchasing advice but hopefully helps those who may still have these laying down.

Again, this isn't a Napa cab so you have to adjust what you are looking for a bit. I found this meaty, maybe even a bit smoky. I enjoyed the taste but I felt that this would do better with food than on its own. As I have said for all the 2015's to this point....let it rest another year or three if you can. You won't regret it.


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Nice Washington cabernet

This is a nice Washington cabernet. I did buy more, and I'm enjoying one right now!


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I love CH Red Mountain cabs always very interesting


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Very nice and still young

Outstanding nose. Nice fruit. Much better after a couple of hours. This wine will age very well. If you have some, take your time and let it rest. A very, very nice cab. Did not think that a Washington cab could be this nice.


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Very nice

Have had a couple of the CH Red Mountain cabs now, and none of them disappoint. This is no exception. Decant, and drink with food.


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Really opened up

This cab was good the first night but a bit heavy. The second night really opened it up and even though it's a rich wine, it was much more flavorful when it was left to breath.


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Great Cab

Really enjoyed this one. Full bodied and robust. Will need more for my cellar.


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Wonderful Cab

Took a bit to open up. Day 2 was outstanding.