Lot 612 2015 Rockpile Red Blend
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Lot 612 | 2015 Sonoma County

Red Blend

Our third blockbuster release for the fall season!


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Cam Confidential


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Outstanding but needs time

Beautiful nose. Tight right out of the bottle. With about 1 to 2 hours in a glass, this wine explodes with fruit and flavor. Will be an excellent cellar wine. One of the best of the last year or so from CH


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Nice blend

Nice red blend. 3.25 on my 0-4 ranking scale, and I bought more.


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We love the Rockpile area (great zins), so we waited for an occasion to open this one until August 2018. It had really come together by the time we opened it, but of course it's too late to order more. Darn. This was an elegant wine, very rich. More please!


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Liked it enough to buy 3 times... sorry it's sold out!


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This is a bold wine. The combination of Cab and Malbec is very rich and has the tannins you would expect from two powerful grapes. I think this would be great with food but we tend to drink for enjoyment more!


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Excellent blend

Definitely should be decanted for the best experience. Agree Malbec fans will like this. Has an earthy note. Very satisfying Definitely a keeper.

Pliny & Deb

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Not what we had hoped

Last night, we broke open our "test" bottle of 612 with high hopes based on the reviews. Out of the bottle without decant, it was very dry, somewhat bitter, and unbalanced. Three hours later after decant, it revealed more balance, and showed it's fruit to be sour cherry. Could be it will be great with time, but this one didn't work for us. Rare CH disappointment, since we have ordered and reordered the wonderful 561, 562, and 537 Zins, the 604 & 609 Cabs, 595 Chard, etc. which were all great values.


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Rock n roll

Very good quality juice that is full bodied and dark. Blueberry, plum and Yum. I think this needs about a year in the bottle to explode.


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Nice Cab/Malbec Blend

Very dry , medium body , a little earthy. Definitely a Cab Malbec Blend.
Reminded me of some Argentina Bab/ Malbec blends I have had.


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Quite satisfying

This one needed a 24 hour decant for everything to come together at this point. However, after that, blue fruit and rock on the nose. Nice initial punch of blue fruit and rock on the palate with a slight earthiness at the tail end. Not overly complex but the initial impact and straight forward richness make this wine quite satisfying.