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Lot 611 2015 Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 611 | 2015 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our second big Cabernet for Fall - only 300 cases available!


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Cam Confidential


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Delicious, drinkable

Lots of fruit, viscous, delicious, highly drinkable. Good even with chicken, and divine alone in its glass. Highly recommend.


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Nice cab

Still very young and required 2+ hour decant before opening

Great value and will only get better over time!


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Very nice

Red fruit, unique minerality and some herbaceous notes (could be eucalyptus as CH said) on the nose. Dry wine, interesting on the palate with tremendous length. Needs some time for everything to come together but is very nice now after a 24 hour decant.


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My favorite of the new releases so far (Note: haven't tried 615 or 616 yet - so I guess at minimum my favorite of the others). Drinks like a special occasion wine. Great stuff.


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Great Wine

I thought this wine was great. Let it open up for a litlle bit and got better. Fantastic value overall. Can't go wrong for 30 bucks!


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Better than the 616

This wine had a bolder taste and great finish. Smoother than the 616, less acidity.
Immediate (nice) flavor with the first sip. Didn’t have to wait or search for the taste.


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Very Nice

I really liked this wine. But my wife thought it a little to dry. Perhaps the truth is in between. The tannins were a little strong but I like cabs that way. Let it air for a while before drinking.

papa breeze

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hard to tell

I'm not as sophisticated as all these folks who can tell what a wine is going to be like in a few years, I guess. The parts of this wine all seem to be fighting each other, to me.

It wasn't a bad wine, by any means. At the price point, it's about market -- and I expect CH to be two steps ahead of what I can get on the street for the same dollar.

Probably be kicking myself in a year when I drink the second bottle.


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Need some more of this!

WOW! What a powerful wine. Need to open a day before as the tannins are pretty strong. If you can open and wait a day to drink you will have a wine that you swear is over $100/bottle. Enjoy this incredible wine!


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Very Tight right now

This wine had a very nice nose and vanilla was prominent. It has weight, and I know the fruit will come out. Its' just very tight righ now and needs time. 4 stars for now- will be 5 stars in a year or so.