Lot 611 2015 Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 611
2015 Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon

Our second big Cabernet for Fall - only 300 cases available!
Pours very dark in the glass - nearly opaque, but with an electric edge to it. Super expressive but ever-shifting at this stage, going from chocolaty earth to plum and black cherry before developing into blackberry, coffee bean, and loamy olive notes. Complex and still evolving in the bottle, the aromas should coalesce and the palate unwind sometime later this year before settling in for longer term aging. The structure is fantastic - while the wine is far from its final form, you can already tell the structure is not impenetrable like the 2013s were at this point (and largely still are to this day); rather, the wine is perfectly balanced, with complete harmony between fruit and structure.

Style: Full, Bold

Cam Confidential

Lot 611 is sourced from a vineyard named after the shape of a reclining woman (hint hint) that's largely an insider's secret from which a who's who of Napa Valley winemakers produce their signature offerings. From my own searching, I can't find any single-vineyard designate Cabernets sourced from this vineyard that sell for under $120/bottle (I incorrectly stated $85 in the video, but when you reach these price points does it really matter?).

Straight out of the same bottling run as the producing winery, and simply put, you'll never find anything close to this level of first-run quality in Napa Valley at $32/bottle. I do recommend you hang onto this for another couple of months before opening – probably mid-December 2017 at the earliest.