Lot 606 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 606 | 2014 Rutherford

Cabernet Sauvignon

This is it - our biggest release of the year. In the footsteps of Lots 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 555, and 600, Lot 606 is a superstar from one of the most famous names in Napa Valley history.


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Very Good

I'll add a disclaimer that we opened a bottle of all of our 2014 varieties over the last two weeks. I know these reviews won't help with purchasing advice but hopefully helps those who may still have these laying down.

Lots of hype to this one and I have to admit that while I think this is excellent, it was not in my top 2-3 from this vintage. For my tastes I will certainly take 609 over this. That said, this is really good wine. It's a mouthful...lots going on and maybe in my estimation, it doesn't tie up as neatly and smoothly as some others. I'm going to age the rest that I have for another 2 or 3 years...I think that will help to let the flavors continue to harmonize. All the elements are here and they are here in a very big way...now I just have to be patient and let it all come together,


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I Love This Wine!

I opened this bottle with mixed emotions. Excited because I haven't enjoyed Lot 606 is over a year, but a bit sad because it was my final bottle. The wine continues to drink wonderfully. So smooth and integrated, it’s hard to put down. Good to the last drop.


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Bold red

Wonderful bold red. Pairs great with dark chocolate. Really nice. Definitely will be ordering more!


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Excellent value

Blew the doors off! Had with a good steak. Great color and nose. All I would expect from a top shelf Cab. Obviously not filtered. Great finish. As noted here in another review, it should be decanted and rest for an hour or 2.


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Big, bold red, wonderful after decanting a little over two hours.
This is what we love CH for. Fantastic deal.


Wait Before Drinking!

Initially we tried this wine way-too-soon and were non-plused by it. Now, wish we had more. Definitely needs not only a long sleep but a long decant as well, 3 hours. It is smooth and quite satisfying. I was surprised that it improved so much.


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Excellent Cab, Great Value

Very nice, full bodied cab, getting some cherry as well as an earthiness, nice pucker factor, coats the mouth and hangs around for a while. Definitely goes well with a nice big slab of meat.


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Big cab and big value!

Big cab at a big value to match with a nice piece of steak.


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Extraordinary Cab value!!

My family, friends, and I enjoyed this wine from the first sip - powerful cherry / kirsch, mocha. Decant this wine 30 minutes and you'll have the a wine ready to savor with Brillat Savarin, grilled ribeye and meat generally, or on its own late on a warm summer evening. Bought multiple cases and they are drinking superbly now (Dec 2018). Of the 600 series, my family and I prefer the lush, amazing 603 but this is an superb and yet accessible, affordable Cab from one of the top Cab regions in the world. Based upon this, we've since bought more Rutherford Cab from CH (663/664) and will continue to buy more when available.


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Great cab

Another great Cab. Wish I would have bought more.