Lot 603 2014 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 603 | 2014 Stagecoach Vineyard

Cabernet Sauvignon

Gold Medal & 94 Pts, 2016 Sommelier Challenge; One of our most sought-after Cabernets and one of our perennial high scorers, the 2014 Stagecoach Cabernet is a viscerally thrilling wine and one of our top releases for the year.


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Stagecoach forever

This one along with 608 have converted us to Stagecoach. Luscious! This is every reason to drink cab.

Jim Y

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Love this one

This has been the bar I've measured most Cabs against...super impressive. I had a bottle of Caymus the night before this and this was better. Fantastic. Sad it's all gone!


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Absolutely LOVE this wine

"After decanting for 1/2 hr-
Nose: tar undertone, fresh cherry, dense, but slightly muted at the moment - probably due to the young age
Palate: meaty, spicy - probably from the high alcohol vol, dark fruit, raisin, date, a little cake like
Finish: smoky, long with mild tannin, layered and structured. Right amount of acidity to balance the juices (i.e. It's not as sweet as a Caymus)
Other: the wine evolved in your mouth from mid palate to the finish. Dark fruits initial palate, and the spiciness comes after the mid-palate

1/2 hr ltr: Nose: more opened and more dried fig like now, along with an added nutty nose The tar and cherry r more hidden Soft texture, with a explosive dark fruit favor, long finish with smoky and mild, yet stronger tannin.
With the mild tannin and complexity of the wine, it might be waste with drank with food. The complexity is better enjoyed by itself

after 2 hrs:
Biggest change is nose, where the dense dark fruit has changed to more savory olive. The palate is just as good with softer tannins. Same texture, body, acidity.


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As good as 555

Drank over two nights, great dark color in glass. An outstanding wine. Reminded me of the 555 classic.


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PLEASE be patient!

Your patience will be rewarded! We opened up a 603 for Christmas dinner, and it was clear we'd "robbed the cradle". This is going to be a stunner, but right now we found it closed, tannic and unapproachable. In its defense, we attempted to "pop and pour" and gave it no time to breathe, so your mileage may vary...

Steve C

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The wine is still a bit young, but when it opens up after letting it breath it is terrific.
Wish I'd purchased more. Excellent value


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The Lot 603 Cab was excellent!

This wine ranks up with some of the finest reds I've had. My friends agreed heartily, and if it weren't sold out, I'd order more.


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Re solid cab

I feel like the others in the group. I brought three open one up last week. It is very solid wine and will get even better over time.Too bad it sold out already cause I would have brought more!

As promised

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Ready to drink now

Very dark in in glass, dark fruit, hints of tobacco. It takes a while to open up in the glass. Let this guy sit for 30 minutes before drinking.


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Hold this one

I found this less drinkable than the 605. I think it's gonna be great, but... too young. Needs time to develop.