Lot 600 2013 Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 600 | 2013 Oakville

Cabernet Sauvignon

90 pts, Wine Enthusiast; Gold Medal, 2016 Cabernet Shootout; Our biggest release of the year!


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Lot 600 (finally)

Finally opened one of my Lot 600 bottles and I was not disappointed. Inky goodness and very good with the 8oz Manhattan Filet that I paired with it. Very chalky and a taste of dark fruits and I got a white pepper taste at the finish. I finished the last of the bottle (half a glass) the 2nd day after opening and it still held its own very well. This was the second "hundred" bottle I have had in 2 weeks, as I tasted the Lot 200 that I have been saving for years and years last week. The 600 was well worth the wait, in my opinion, and I have another bottle slated to be pulled out in 2021. (Unless anyone here thinks that will be too long for this wine. If you do, please comment.) :-) Love the tannins and acidity, as someone else stated here, too. My only disappointment with this wine, is that I don't have a case to taste over the next few years. :-)


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First Introduction to CH Wines

Lot 600 was the first bottle of CH wines that we were introduced to, and it was tough to top. Big, bold red with long finish and full mouth.


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What a difference a year makes...

First bottle, a year ago, disappointed... decided to let the other five sit. Wise decision. This is everything it was promised to be... great structure, long finish. Tannins have calmed down. The remaining four are going on my "special occasion" reserve list. Hoping to drink one in 2025 - but no promises.


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Aging well

We've really enjoyed this wine over the last year. We opened our 4th bottle last night, and after a one-hour decant, it opened up extremely well. I truly enjoy Oakville Cabs, especially the unique fruits and tannins. This wine is fantastic.


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Keeps getting better

Just opened another bottle last night and enjoyed with a ribeye. Too bad it's sold out but glad I acted after Lot 600 party

Il Professore


Medium weight, nice fruit. Very balanced tannins and acidity. Needs a 1-2 hour decant, but good black fruit, plum and currant flavors. Lingering finish. My favorite bottle of wine for anything even vaguely approaching this price point.


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Very nice- a bit lighter than other 2013's

The wine is dark, medium full bodied. Not the Fruit bomb of lot 545, still very nice. Aromatics of spicecome out after 2 hours. A vet nice wine - 89 points.


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Nice Cab

Opened our first bottle, and decanted for an hour or so. Very nice nose, and follow through. I was hoping for the Wow factor, but nothing like the Wow of 545. Will let the rest of the case sit for a bit, maybe it's a wolf in lambs clothing waiting to escape!


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One of our favorite Cabs ... great buy when available

We really enjoy this Cab, great find ... make sure to purchase if available


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Great bottle, will get better with time

Big Cab with everything you could ask for. Needs some time to breathe, but has great complexity but is well integrated.