Lot 599 2013 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 599 | 2013 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

92 pts, Steve Heimoff; 91 pts + Cellar Selection, Wine Enthusiast; Gold Medal, 2016 Cabernet Shootout; Our 4th superstar Napa Cab release from the amazing 2013 vintage.


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Sad it's gone

This wine is fabulous. So incredibly smooth. We just tried to buy another case and to our dismay, it's sold out. Next time we will need to JUMP on wine like this.


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Opened 2 years later WOW!

Purchased back in 2016, and saved a few bottles to open recently! WOW, black as ink and a rich velvety complexion. Black berry currents, and black pepper were the strongest profiles on the nose. Make sure to decant at least 2 hours before serving, as this body ages very well. Great Value, wish it wasn't sold out.


Great Cabernet

Received this from a friend and finally opened it. I wish I had opened it sooner as it is sold out and I am not able to order any more.


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Super Cab

Sorry to see this is sold out. Bought in my wine club. Delicious Cab really liked this one. No wonder it was rated so high by the critics.


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Finally Opened a Bottle

I know this one has been sold out for months but thought I would share my experience for anyone who may have this cellaring. I have two bottles of this, opened one two days ago. Immediately into a decanter for three hours. Poured into glass it is almost like black ink. Tastes as great cab should, very dry with that saliva indicting texture. I'm battling a bit of a cold so the flavors didn't pop for me but texture and tannins did. Second glass even better than the first as it opened up. Poured the other half bottle back into the bottle and finished the next day. Even better. Fully rounding into form. Right mouth feel but I was able to get even more classic Napa cab flavor. Will give my other bottle until spring but you could go for it right now, but the more age, the better. And give it some air when you open and maybe even a 24 hour decant. Kid gloves will pay off with this beauty, a steal for the price.


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Solid Cab

I might have better off to let this one sit for a few years, but I couldn't wait. Compares favorably with various high priced Napa Cabs.
Opens up in the glass in about 30 minutes. Smooth tannins, lots of long lasting flavor.


One of the best

I love this Cab. My girlfriend and I love a good full-bodied red and this one is great. Very dark color adds to the appeal. I'm not surprised it's sold out


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Very Nice

I like this better than Lot 600. It has more stuffing, more fruit. This wine is dark, has long legs and very tannic. The fruit is there and a smidgen of smoked meats. Patience is needed.


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Gets better after opening

"initial: very dark red color, dark berry nose - mostly cherry, velvety & textured full body, very mild tannin. Somewhat acidic leathery finish, fruit forward. Will probably open more ltr
30m ltr: nose is more complex and deeper fruit, heavier tannin. somewhat like the 457... aside from the nose, not sure if it's worth the extra cost yet...
2 days ltr: everything is together now with deep jam nose and dark fruit taste. balanced, med body with some elegancy, slight tannin."


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The "nice one"

My wife and I are devoted CH buyers and have a fondness for the bigger, bolder cabs and blends. Whenever we decide to have a "real nice one tonight," this is usually the one we open. Sorry it's sold out.