Lot 596 2013 Monte Rosso Vineyard (Sonoma Valley) Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 596 | 2013 Monte Rosso

Cabernet Sauvignon

95 pts, Steve Heimoff; 90 pts, Wine Enthusiast; Gold Medal, 2016 Cabernet Shootout; A superstar wine from a superstar vintage and vineyard (Wine Spectator 92 pts, 2012 vintage).


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I bought a case and it's been cellaring since then. After and hour decanting, this deep dark wine was very good. The fruit is intense (in a good way). I'm going to wait another six months before opening the next bottle.

This was my first $35 bottle from Cam. I have no complaints at that price point for a wine like this.


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Still developing

This wine is still tight and tannic. Going to be great...


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Re: Great

I brought this wine a while back and installed in it my cellar. I opened it three months later and it was fantastic! I am so glad I brought more before it sold out.


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Complex, berries - just awesome

Tried all the 596-600, this is probably my favorite, although they are all really good. Really good Cali Cab!


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Friends of ours opened theirs up & wow is it good.
I'm going to keep mine in the cellar just a little longer and repay the favor another time. In the mean time, I will have to get another especially with the 95pt rating. This wine will sell fast.


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Just a great wine

Finally opened this last night to have with dinner. What a remarkable wine. Great at any price but superb value at $35. Buying some more.


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Lovely, Rich Wine

After decanting for 2 hours lot 596 displayed lush red fruit and chocolate... A juicy, rich wine!


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Black Beauty

Boy is this stuff dark. Remember, it is not Napa, it is Sonoma so the taste will be different. This is 5 stars all the way! Immerse yourself in a glass of this stuff...quite intoxicating. The taste is many dark berries and a small tartness of sorts. I have some and will hold for a year or two before trying again. Simply magnificent!


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Good but ...

This is a great cab. No question about that. But personally I prefer Lot 599 and feel its body is fuller.

I remember Lot 100 was priced at $16 or $18. And there were great Napa cabs priced lower than that. Now the top Napa cab is at $35, doubling the price. Though it still represents value comparing to high priced Napa cabs on the market, but it has come to a point that you ask yourself a question - do you want to spend that much on your daily drinking wine, or you can only afford it for special occasions? I wish Cam can bring back mid level priced quality Napa cabs.


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Decanted for 1 1/2 hour....still took about a half hour in the glass to open. True to the closed style of the 2013 vintage in general. I think this will be a beauty in about 6-7 years.

I think it's fairly priced, and @ 15% off pretty good value for a NAPA cab. A typical CH Single vineyard....a lot of wine for the money.