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Lot 593 2010 Barolo Riserva DOCG

Lot 593 | 2010 Italy


One of Italy's greatest wines from a top rated vintage - a tremendous opportunity.

(10 Reviews)

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Wine Details
Cam Confidential


10 Reviews Total

Matt & Sean

Verified Purchase

Decant, Decant, Decant

Definitely needs a long decant. Closed off but classic Barolo. Strong tannins but in a good way. Could use a few more years to lay down, but a good value for the wine.


Verified Purchase

A nice Nebbiolo...

A high-acid, high-tannin Italian red... that will mellow as the years go by!

Barolo is a fantastic wine... great nose, and a smooth finish... excellent for a tomato-based meal... cuts right through!


Verified Purchase


Bought this along with lot 592 in my last shipment

Fantastic nose with nice long finish and well balanced mineral

Happy to have included - great find!


Verified Purchase

Bam- Good from first sip

All I can say is WOW! I drink Barolo very frequently and the flavor just popped on first sip.. Let it breathe and you'll be very happy you bought this bottle. Highly recommend!

Glenn Fund

Verified Purchase

Classic Barolo - Great Vintage

Red-Orange in color, typical of a classic Nebbiolo, this wine was a pleasure to savor and enjoy. This wine had a tart fruit and nutty taste that just lingers in your mouth. You just want to pucker and take that next smooth sip. Great with meats and Italian food. This is one wine that will make your meal a feast.

My First CH Borolo

Verified Purchase

A winner

This Borolo was one I was the most excited about it my last CH shipment and boy oh boy, it did not disappoint. I'm going to be buying another in my next order. Don't let the light color throw you off, this wine is filled with flavor and perfectly mineralized. Decant for a bit and enjoy!


Verified Purchase

great barolo

I love this wine ,the bouquet hit me in the nose immediately as I poured it the decanter it was great. When we sat down and ate our meal ,the Barolo was the grand addition that was well enjoyed for its body, taste and bouquet.Oh, and may I mention the price was right!!!!!!!THANK YOU FOR THAT TOP ITALIAN WINE!!!!!!!!


Verified Purchase

Bravo Barolo

The highest bar set for wine may be Barolo. After a solid four hour decant I was more than pleased with this wine. It delivered on color, nose and depth. Plenty of nuance and damn good taste. Much better than I expected. Well worth the price.


Verified Purchase

Yum! Will order more.

We enjoyed a bottle of nice Barolo on a recommendation from a wine steward on our anniversary last year, so when I saw this offering I immediately bought a couple bottles.

I am used to drinking big, dry cabs and my wife likes montepulciano, so the "thin" and clear color was off putting at first. Like ruby brandy. Very pretty, but looked 'weak' to me. I googled "barolo color" to see if it was supposed to look like this. (It is.)

Then we tasted it and … wow! Very rich, very warm, plus a bit "bitey" and dry from the tannins, which I really like. A great buy for the price and as good as the very expensive bottle we got for our anniversary.

We did *not* decant, but did use an aerator.

Earl of Graycroft Manor

Verified Purchase

Cena speciale festa del vino

I ordered a bottle for a special dinner party with friends who are Italy enthusiasts and know their wine. Did I tell my wife how much I paid for the bottle? After the review :)

I decanted this to Cameron's suggestion, for an hour in a decanter, poured back into bottle and recorked it for 24. (Perhaps I should have left the cork off? I'm not sure as I've never done this method before.)

The wine itself in the glass is a beautiful ruby red with almost an orangish hue.
The nose was prunes and cedar. First I thought pine needles, but my friend refined my thinking on this by offering cedar. He was spot on.
The flavor was complex. Cranberries. Dried red fruit. medium tannin. Less than I expected actually. Oh, and of course grapes. Everyone forgets to mention how grapey wine is. It also had more of an alcohol warmth than I was expecting. Perhaps if I had decanted it differently this may have gone away? Regardless, I personally enjoyed this aspect. Everyone at the table was very pleased with this selection.

I do think it would do better with more aging. And although I am pretty new to this tier of wine with this much age on it, I found it to be wonderful. I am also pretty certain you could not get a labeled bottle like this at this price from a retailer.

And yes, I did tell my wife how much it cost. By this time in the evening it was fine. Probably because the wine was so good :) Thanks Cameron!