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Lot 593 2010 Barolo Riserva DOCG

Lot 593 | 2010 Piemonte


One of Italy's greatest wines from a top rated vintage - a tremendous opportunity.


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Cam Confidential


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Great value.

The CH informercials on Nebbiolo worked on us. We have bought and tried 739, the American version, 761 the 2017 Barbaresco and now the 2010 Barolo. We expected the brick color, learned to appreciate the terroir and are looking forward to our next trip to Italy, trying these wines with a new appreciation.


Verified Purchase


I bought two bottles of this so I could age one and have one now. We decanted for at least an hour, which definitely helped this wine open up. I'm excited to see how the flavor develops after a few more years of aging!


Verified Purchase

Great Barolo

Should have popped on here first to see other's notes, because the 30min decant we started with wasn't enough, even after 10 years. Definitely opened up more by 90min, but by then it was gone! Very nice prototypical Barolo, and should have purchased more at this price point.


Verified Purchase

Great value Barolo

Opened one of these in 2020. Surprisingly great wine! All the great attributes of a good Barolo are here at a very reasonable price. The wine only improvements over time, even 24 hours later it hadn’t lost a step. Keeping my other bottle for 2030!

Rick G

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Expensive, but worth it!

I have often been disappointed by Barolo in the past - but not this time. This wine was up among the best Barolo I have had, and probably one the least expensive Barolo as well. A great example why I love Cameron Hughes!

Matt & Sean

Verified Purchase

Decant, Decant, Decant

Definitely needs a long decant. Closed off but classic Barolo. Strong tannins but in a good way. Could use a few more years to lay down, but a good value for the wine.


Verified Purchase

A nice Nebbiolo...

A high-acid, high-tannin Italian red... that will mellow as the years go by!

Barolo is a fantastic wine... great nose, and a smooth finish... excellent for a tomato-based meal... cuts right through!


Verified Purchase


Bought this along with lot 592 in my last shipment

Fantastic nose with nice long finish and well balanced mineral

Happy to have included - great find!


Verified Purchase

Bam- Good from first sip

All I can say is WOW! I drink Barolo very frequently and the flavor just popped on first sip.. Let it breathe and you'll be very happy you bought this bottle. Highly recommend!

Glenn Fund

Verified Purchase

Classic Barolo - Great Vintage

Red-Orange in color, typical of a classic Nebbiolo, this wine was a pleasure to savor and enjoy. This wine had a tart fruit and nutty taste that just lingers in your mouth. You just want to pucker and take that next smooth sip. Great with meats and Italian food. This is one wine that will make your meal a feast.