Lot 589 2016 Sonoma County Arneis
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Lot 589 | 2016 Sonoma County


A juicy, mouthwatering introduction to an old Italian favorite!


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Cam Confidential


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john k

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Crisp wine , citrus fruit with a chalky finish

Crisp wine , citrus fruit with a chalky finish. Love this wine, glad I bought a case. Not sweet, and dry , how wee like our whites. A great value, great alone or with cheese. Too bad it sold out.


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Hope it comes back

Great in the summer with a warm breeze and a light dinner on the deck. Nice and crisp.


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Tart and fruity

This is a tart and fruity wine ideal for summer on the deck in Wisconsin, which is when I drank it! Now, we have November, with the clocks being set back yesterday, and unless I leave work at noon, and put on my winter "bubble" jacket, there is no more deck time until May! Enjoyed this wine.


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DRY and fruity

Slight citrus taste.
Dry almost sour.
Good cold and at room temperature.


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Pleasant But Very Light

Floral notes with some minerality. Do let it come to room temperature. It was a nice complement to albacore tuna salad, but would be much too light for a stronger or more seasoned fish, or even for shrimp.


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Light Italian White

A nice summer white wine. Fruity and light with a touch of sweetness. Very drinkable wine on a warn summer day.


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Still a favorite

Have had this wine before. It is a hit for parties around the pool. Have only one person (a red wine snob) not like it. The sharpness of the fruit comes thru very clean and crisp.


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Light and crisp

Tropical fruit - not an overt lemon taste but think light citrus. Flinty. Crisp, aromatic and light. This is not some bland pinot grigio.


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Great buy

Our first Arneis and very very happy. We’ve made multiple orders of this for our hot afternoon deck time! We do not like sweet wines and this is perfect for our tastes.


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Good Wine for Spring/Summer!

Great deal for a light, refreshing wine that is perfect for patio drinking. Will definitely buy more to keep on hand for impromptu outdoor get-togethers with friends.