Lot 588 2015 Santa Barbara County Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 588 | 2015 Santa Barbara

Cabernet Sauvignon

An early contender for Value Cabernet of the Year!


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Cam Confidential


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Nice Cab for a cool Cali night

Lightly oaked and dry up front with a smooth finish that lingers. Great value for a versatile sipper. Don’t feel guilty pairing it with a burger.


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This hasn’t been my favorite Cabernet’s near this price point. I ordered it quite a few times, but it still wasn’t my fav!


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Not the best cabernet from CH

I've had some great cabernets from CH- new #666 was fantastic! 588 not so- below average to my taste, and won't order more.


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Nice Wine and a Nice Price

This wasn't a favorite of the cabs I've sampled thus far. Most of the wines I've tried taste better to me as they open up, but this one seemed better when first opened. As a glass a night drinker at the most......... After a day I did take it to friends for a tasting who all enjoyed it. We all have different tastes. The beauty of sampling!


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Nice wine, great value for the price.

I really enjoyed this wine. I have ordered it wine on three different occasions. It is an excellent value for the price.


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Stand out value - saddly it is gone

Dollar for Dollar - sip for sip, a great example of medium bod Santa Barbarian Cab, wish I had bought a case for future enjoyment


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One of my favorite

I bought three cases, and it is out of stock already. Very nice Cab and great value.


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Good Value

I really liked this one , not the best but for the money it's hard to beat.


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Out of Stock!

Damn. What a great wine for the value. Truly a tremendous wine. Hope you get more....please...?


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Excellent Cab, Great Value

Seriously bummed to see this wine is out of stock, just cracked my first bottle of 3 and this is an excellent Cab. Great balance of oak and fruit, medium depth, nice dry finish with a bit of tartness