Lot 587 2016 Santa Barbara County Grenache Blanc

Lot 587
2016 Santa Barbara County Grenache Blanc

A rare varietal find from Santa Barbara - crisp, intense, delicious.
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A complex, crisp white that bursts out of the glass with fresh-picked nectarine, melon rind, white blossom, and a lemon-flinty minerality that carries through explosively on the palate. Don't be fooled by all the fruit characteristics though, as this wine is bone dry and is done in a fantastic Rhône style that would please the most discerning Sauvignon Blanc fans.

Style: Light, Crisp

Cam Confidential

A crisp, white wine with origins in Spain and most widely found in the Rhône region today, Grenache Blanc is a rarity among US plantings. I’m never one to pass up terrific quality at a good price (especially with a rare varietal like this), so it was an easy decision to jump on this gem from Santa Barbara.

Sourced from an estate whose first plantings date back to the early 80s, Lot 587 is a lively, resplendent white wine that Sauvignon Blanc and Arneis drinkers will find exceptionally pleasing. As with our Lot 588 (perhaps the best bang-for-your-buck California Cabernet you can find these days, I might add), Lot 587 is a delicious showcase of the range and quality that Santa Barbara wine country has to offer.