Lot 585 2015 Spring Mountain Meritage
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Lot 585 | 2015 Spring Mountain


250 cases of a rare offering from Spring Mountain AVA!


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Matt & Sean

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Big and Bold

Great grilling wine. Decanted for an hour and this wine really opened up. Great fruit, a bit on the dry side, and very earthy. Would definitely drink again


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Big wine

Big wine dark, cherry and violets on the nose. Tannns, very dry, fleshy, touch of herbal flavors. Spices sweet on the nose. Young, needs time!!!


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Too bad it's sold out

This was one of our club selections. We just enjoyed it with burgers. Too bad we cannot order more.


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Yes! Loved this one

Would have loved to have grabbed a case of this one. Complex, delicious. Give it some time to open up. You will enjoy!

Patience is a Virtue

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Let it breathe & you will love it!

Ok people, there's something you always need to know before opening a bottle of wine: do I drink it right away or let it decant? Well, for this one, definitely let it decant! It's going to be bitter and tight at first, but if you let it sit in a decanter for 30-minutes or even 1-hour, this wine is DELICIOUS! Blends are tricky, but the key to enjoying this one is to be patient.


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Definitely needs time to open up - it is worth the wait!

First of all, gave the wine a few weeks to "recombobulate" after shipping. Then, let it breathe so it could open up. It is a deep and delicious wine that continues to touch the senses after sipped. Am wondering how much the flavor will enhance with age. It is great now, but how will it improve in a few years?


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Taste didn't follow the nose.

Nice nose, but the wine never opened up to give much on the finish. Did not get the tannins that others have talked about. Didn't decant it, but did aerated and tried with/without food. To be fair, I will try it again, decant and let it open up a bit longer. For now, not a wine I will stock up on.


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This was nice with some roasted pork and green chili stew we served up on a cold weekend. Solid wines come from Spring Mountain.


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Nice Meritage

Should have decanted as Cameron recommended. Very full bodied and very dry.
The last glass was great after it had a change to breathed. Although I have liked some of the past Meritages better.

Linds and Jack

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Smooth red

We enjoyed this one. Dark berries with a touch of earth. This was a great higher price point to give a try. Will be back for another