Lot 579 2015 Napa Valley Merlot
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Lot 579 | 2015 Napa Valley


A powerful, inky Merlot from one of the top Merlot vineyards in Napa Valley.


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Powerful merlot for cab drinkers...

Yes, this is one powerful merlot! Just visited our daughter and husband in MN. They are cab lovers, and we finished off no less than 6 $75+ bottles over the weekend, and then we came home to open...a merlot??? Darn good, and wished I had more.


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Not a merlot lover, but pretty good

I am not a merlot lover, but this one was pretty good. Maybe one of the best I've had, honestly. Rated a 3 on my 0-4 ranking system.


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Not a Merlot lover... but...

Ok need to be honest... when I saw I was getting a Merlot in March 2018 shipment I was not thrilled. However, I trust Cam and have enjoyed almost every bottle I’ve received over last 3 years. This Merlot was exceptional! I decanted for a couple hours and yes, it drank very much like one of CH exceptional Cabs. Only regret is that it is now sold out! If you have one in wine fridge I expect it will Age quite well if you save it!


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Definitely a Merlot for Cab folks

I'm just not crazy about Merlot. I love cab. This was good and definitely drank like a cab. It's sold out now, but was definitely worth the try, but I'd rather go with a cab. Good and balanced. Enjoyed it very much. If I had to drink a Merlot, this is it.


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Medium body and nice balance

Nice medium bodied merlot with cherry, berry and medium finish


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Wow! This Merlot is Dynamite. Well balanced and full of fruit and will hold up aging. Not your average Merlot for sure and one of the best I have had.


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Love it. A true best value wine we have had from CH in some time.

Best Merlot my wife and I have had in ages. Have 2 cases and would buy more if available. Certainly Cab like in lots of ways.


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A good bold wine

This Merlot certainly is a bold wine! It really holds up, has a great nose and color and is more like a cab but not with all the tannis. I'm glad we bought this and am sad to see it is sold out but that is the nature of good wines with CHWines. You know you have a good one (value/taste) when that happens.


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I see what all the fuss about

marvelous wine - rich and quality - the last glass was the best so should improve tremendously with cellar time


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Big and powerful Merlot

Big and powerful Merlot. Make sure you decant. This wine was even better the next day.