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Lot 578 2015 Napa Valley Cabernet Franc
Out of Stock

Lot 578 | 2015 Napa Valley

Cabernet Franc

Only the third Napa Cab Franc we've ever offered - bold, powerful, and delicious.


(11 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


11 Reviews Total


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We have tasted Cab Franc from various regions and this was far and away the best (regardless of price) we have ever enjoyed. Sorry to see the sold out sign on this one!


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Wish I had gotten more!

Nice medium body with a strong mid pallet. Florals, berries, and forest floor.

Too bad this one is gone!


Too Bad...'s gone. Great wine at a super price. We loved it.


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We have tried several Cabernet Francs and this was the best we have ever had. I am so sad to see that it is sold out. I will not let this happen again. Next time I am offered a Cabernet Franc again, I will order a case. Simply delicious.


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This wine is ready to drink and simply amazing.
The perfume and flavors leap out in every sip.
Wines like these make CH great value for folks who want to drink great wines and still save a bundle.

Slow learner

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Ironically I had a cab franc the previous week in Boca Raton at 3x the price. When I got your offering I couldn’t resist. My only regret was buying a single case. After all these years you think I would know better.
Slow Learner
Doug D


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As a Cab Franc freak, I tend to buy it whenever I find it. Not so many years ago, it was much more a rarity for winemakers to have the cajones to run it straight but, I'm happy that is changing!
This one is a fantastic pour for the dollar; having much experience with stand alone Cab Francs, I decanted and let rest for a couple hours before lifting a glass. Even then, a bit tight on the approach but, by the end of glass #3, it opened up much more. Still, will benefit from another few years in bottle.

Mike B

Verified Purchase

New Favorite Cab Franc!

I don't usually purchase many Cab Francs unless I see value, and Lot 578 delivered! I only bought a few bottles but am already regretting the decision to not grab a full case. Fairly new to CH, and can't wait for more offerings like this!


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Needs Time

Tried a bottle of the 578 a few weeks after receiving it. The tannins were quite overpowering. This definitely needs to rest in the cellar for a number of years to be appreciated. It's tough to wait that long but hopefully it's worth it.

Angie's Choice

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I only purchased a case. This wine was outstanding! I'm so sad it's all gone.
This wine reminded me of a fabulous man I dated in college. He was gentle, he was smart and I could not get enough of him....just like this wine.