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Lot 577 2016 Napa Valley White Blend
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Lot 577 | 2016 Napa Valley

White Blend

A signature white blend from the best Rhône white blend program in Napa Valley.


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Cam Confidential


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Review late in coming. My error with this one was not buying more while it was in stock. This was an elegant and structured off-dry wine that has gotten better with every bottle. 1 of 12 left. Maybe Thanksgiving this year. Comparable French blends cost several multiples more. Outstanding value:price ratio.


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Very rich and elegant. Tastes like an expensive wine, which it was not. I could drink a glass of this every day of my life and never tire of it. Ordered when there was "low inventory". Now it's all gone. Cam is right, you don't see much of this style wine on the store shelves. Some of the small Paso Robles wineries do a good job with white Rhone blends, but they don't distribute their wines very widely; $35-40 is the usual price. Buy it on sight if it ever comes around again.


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Very nice

Glad I got in while it lasted; bummed it's gone; remaining bottles are tucked away, as this wine falls into special occasion quality.

Sue R

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Really Regal Rhone varietal

This wine was crisp, fruity and delicious on the palate. So glad I ordered.


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This blend is a phenomenal value. I love many of the Rhone varietals that Paso Robles produces, and this blend is as competitive as the best Paso has to offer...just not at the same price point.


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Terrific Rhone Blend

This one is a keeper! Generous, rich in flavor and texture. Perhaps one of the best rhone white wines I've tasted in a long time!


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Rich rhone blend

Lots of pear, stonefruit and tropical notes with a lush full mouthfeel and nice finish


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Wow!! Outstanding.


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Very nice but still improving

When we first opened this wine it was a little edgy but over time it smoothed out and was quite rich without being a butter bomb. The complex aromas made the wine all the more interesting. I have it a 4 for now but with a little age it could get even better.


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We are not there yet

There is something "grown-up" about European whites that is still lacking in the colonial versions. European whites are calm, confident. West Coast Whites, especially the ones from California, seem to think that they have something to prove. This is not proper "wine speak", I know. Lot 577 is the first non-Friends-of Cam white that I have really enjoyed.