Lot 572 2014 Oakville Cabernet Franc
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Lot 572 | 2014 Oakville

Cabernet Franc

A sublime shiner with the absolute highest pedigree of sourcing and two years bottle aging.


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What a wonderful wine.

I'm becoming a big fan of cab franc. This one from Oakville is a beauty. Drinking great now with a good decant, but with enough stuffing to cellar for a number of years. We need more cab franc!


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May be the best CH yet

I just wish I would have gotten more than just 3 bottles at release. This Oakville Cab Franc may be the best wine CH has released. Just awesome...


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Great Wine

Robust bouquet and very full bodied. Had with Lamp Chops.
Delicious. I love CH Whines Cabaret Franc wines. Wish they did not sell out so fast.


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Simply Outstanding

Excellent Cab Franc. Full of fruit with enough oak to make it very elegant. I regret buying only 2.


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Wonderful nose. Full bodied and complex with a wonderful finish. As they say ... should've bought more!


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so darn good!

So I was saving my one and only bottle of this to share with my best friend who loves cab franc and gets it from a winery in New York-BUT-I see there is a new release -lot 578- and Cameron says it's the best of all 3 Francs they have offered. Well,I had to crack open 572 today to try it- this is fantastic so I can only imagine what 578 will be like! Don't hesitate when he says to order NOW! I am getting several!!!!


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Terrific Franc

It's difficult finding good Cab franc here on the east coast. Whenever CH offers some I place an order. This one will not disappoint. Full fruit and just enough oak to compliment. Too bad it sold out so quickly. Now if I could just find some Tannat.


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Not surprised that this Cabernet Franc has sold out. It is delicious and I am sorry I did not order more. Wonderfully smooth with a great finish. Please keep finding more treats like this !


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Incredible Wine

One of the best Cab Franc's I have ever had.


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Big Bang!

I got a lot of exclamations from guests drinking this big bodied Franc. It's quite bold, so I would let it catch a good long breath and pair with something slightly exotic, like buffalo, venison, or boar.