Lot 571 2014 Napa Valley Malbec

Lot 571
2014 Napa Valley Malbec

A sublime shiner with the absolute highest pedigree of sourcing and two years bottle aging.
Starts with the classic Malbec blueberry nose, with added complexity of espresso bean and chocolate. The oak is somewhat dominant up front, so give this some air to allow the aromas to integrate. Juicy on the palate, with a sweeping, expansive finish initially dominated by the oaky componentry but cracking open with air to reveal lush back raspberry fruit. This is fantastic juice, and will reward you handsomely with some coaxing just out of the bottle.

Style: Medium, Smooth

Flavors: Blueberry, Oak, Raspberry

Cam Confidential

From an estate in Oakville where the pedigree of the vintner and winemaking team honestly couldn't get any higher, I have about 200 cases of sublime shiners. I can't divulge any more details about the sourcing, but I can say that this comes direct from the cellar with perfect provenance, is an archetypal version of its varietal, has over two years bottle aging, and sells for $70 under the original label. The final blend incorporates a dollop of Mount Veeder fruit - just enough to push it over the line to Napa Valley appellation (85% is the threshold for sup-appellated wines), but the moment it hits your lips, you'll understand why I pulled the trigger on this wine.

No-expense-spared vineyard management and winemaking, including concrete egg fermentations and an abundance of high quality French oak. This is a beautifully rendered, knockout expression of what Napa Valley has to offer.