Lot 569 2013 Russian River Valley Chardonnay
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Lot 569 | 2013 Russian River Valley


The most expensive California Chardonnay we've ever sourced, and worth every penny.


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This is richest and most complex chardonnay that I have purchased from Cameron Hughes; which is not to say that it is the best QPR. But its range--from sweet nose to sharp finish and everything in between--makes it worth the price.


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My favorite so far!

I am fairly new to CH wines, but I must say I have been pleased so far. This Russian River Valley Chardonnay has been my favorite so far! I have since purchased the 570, since the 569 has sold out. I am hoping to like it as well as the 569.


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Long time fan of Russian River wines...


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Great Chardonnay

At the high end of the price range for Cameron Hughes Chardonnay but does not disappoint. Really good.


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Nice Chard

We enjoyed this chard but it isn't as buttery as we had expected. Nice color. Great wine to sip while fixing dinner.


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My favorite CAM Chardonnay of all time

As an everyday Chard drinker, I try to keep my costs down, thanks to (CHwine) so I was a little nervous spending more, however, I was thrilled with this heavenly treat. This is a wine to sip, and savor each taste. It's rich, but not overpowering, and the bottle I reach for when I believe I should have a special treat.


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This is the best chardonnay from California I have ever had the pleasure to drink! It is perfectly balanced, the fruit is exotic and lingering and the oak accentuates the palate but does not overpower the wine like so many CA Chards. Beautiful.


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This is a delicious Chardonnay! Classic!


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Awesome Chard

I purchased this for my wife who loves chardonnay from Russian River Valley. She never got a chance to have any.


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I have not had a chard like this in years. It's a 'heavy' white wine. You can feel the weight of it. If you keep it on your tongue a few seconds you can feel the layers of flavor begin to unravel in perfect balance. The nose opens up with nice oak but not too heavily. A white wine for gentle sipping and contemplation. Delicious!