Lot 561 2013 Knights Valley Zinfandel
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Lot 561 | 2013 Knights Valley


Not for the shy - indeed, this is the biggest, richest, tooth-staining Zinfandel we've ever done.

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Cam Confidential


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OMG...great zin as it has aged!

Excellent zin- saved a few bottles, and opened one tonight in part to use with a cranberry recipe (only a cup). Damn fine wine. Wish more were available.


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2+ years in...

building on a review from 2017. the earlier plum notes have tuned into a mature and luscious spice mix. still full of decadence and power. think of an elegant roadster with 600HP.


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Great body and complexity

A very delicious zinfandel; as Cam says - intense! Glad I have a few more bottles.


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This has settled down beautifully now!

Unrecognizable from 6 months or so ago - only have 2 left and certainly wish i had bought more than the 15 I did - "wow" was commonly used by our friends who drank 3 bottles the other evening. Fantastic stuff


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Great Zin

This is a great Zin and a great price. We have been very pleased with this wine and wish there was more!

Chris of Graycroft of Manor

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Grand Finale

A firework show in your mouth. Must buy.

Jack and Linds

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Favorite Cam Zin

Really big wine! Oak comes through really nicely. A bit more acidic then other Zins we’ve got through Cam but big bold profile can’t be beat. Great value

Canoe guy

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Zin Home Run

No wonder this baby is sold out. What an outstanding value for Zin lovers. Bold with a great nose that screams of raspberries and blackberries. Like others, wished I had ordered more


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Great wine if you got it...

We were so pleased with this one - a really full bodied wine that we were going to order some more, but it's sold out! Enjoy those who were able to order more.

Papa Breeze

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This is why we buy CH

Absolutely fabulous. Exactly as advertised -- I ordered another case. My pick for value of the year!