Lot 560 2015 Lodi Meritage

Lot 560
2015 Lodi Meritage

An all-purpose, smooth, easy drinking wine with plenty of fruit character. Super food-friendly, a perfect everyday sipper.
A lovely entry on the nose, featuring a sumptuous fruit profile of strawberries and raspberries backed by chocolate. Plenty of depth and dimension already, and what you get on the nose is what follows on the palate - a juicy, approachable strawberry and raspberry core with a hint of chocolate. Soft-textured and eminently quaffable, this is a fantastic food wine and everyday drinker. 

Flavors: Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry

Cam Confidential

Our red blends from Lodi have always been perennial best-sellers and customer favorites. Lot 560 is sure to be a continuation of that tradition.

With Lodi's combination of Delta breezes, huge diurnal swing, and sandy/granitic alluvials washed down from the Sierra Nevada mountains, the region has been home to grape growing since the mid 1800s and continues to produce terrific wine to this day. While Zin continues to be the most planted grape, a number of Bordelaise varietals can also be found, and today's red blend of 55% Malbec and 45% Cabernet is a fine showcase of the diversity and quality that Lodi has to offer.

Looking for an all-purpose, "always keep a case within easy reach" wine to serve with any meal or pour generously on a Tuesday just because you feel like it? This is a no brainer.