Lot 548 2014 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 548 | 2014 Alexander Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Dynamite Cabernet from a third generation producer in Alexander Valley with some of the best dirt and winemaking talent in the region.


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Cam Confidential


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Not like a cab but GOOD

I can see why the cab lovers may not fall for this wine, but we aren't huge cab drinkers and we love this wine. Very fruit forward and not a lot of tannins.


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Outstanding wine at a great price

Very nice wine drinking now. It does get better after a half hour to hour in either glass or decanter.


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Absolutely delightful.

Great taste, great price.


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3 stars at best

I have finished the 2 bottles I ordered recently. It was ok, but a bit too fruity for my “Cabernet” taste buds. Still, it was a very drinkable and given the price I have no regrets.

F. Robert

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Great Wine at a Great Price

This wine was a real treat. Immediately hit the nose with wonderful aromas. Smooth drinking and satisfying.


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A good Alexander Valley value

CH continues to impress. Ordered a case of wine for the Holidays and couldn't wait to get started with this one! I'm a big fan of Alexander Valley wines and this one did the trick. Can't wait to serve more with family!


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Good Deal

For the money this is alright. I ordered it twice and in 10 days when my social security check is deposited I'll get some more. Tell Owen I need some of those silver drip stoppers with Cam's name on 'em please.


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Delicious Cab

Full bodied. Great nose. Taste lingers on the tongue. Slight tannins. Very drinkable.


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Gonna buy it again

Of my last order, this was my favorite wine. One of three I'm ordering again. I see complaints in other reviews...but I would find it hard to find a wine at my local store that comes even close at this price. Of course I have to honor other's opinions. For me, this is one of my favorites...can't wait to open another bottle soon.


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Gave it 4 tries- not my style

I have never given anything under 5 stars for CH Wines and have been loyal since the Lot 200 days. This one just doesn't taste right to me. I love Alexander Valley and 90% of what I drink are Cabs, but I find this to be a real outlier from a taste profile. First bottle I tried I thought it had turned, so immediately opened another and same result. 0 for 2. Then a few weeks later a family member had a bottle that had been opened from the night before (24 hour decant) and I tried it again with same reaction. Tried one more bottle last night and same result. Unfortunately poured it down the drain which I have never done with Cam's wines. I blindly bought almost a case of this and regretting that decision.