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Lot 543 2014 Sonoma County Old Vine Zinfandel

Lot 543 | 2014 Sonoma County

Old Vine Zinfandel

90 pts & Best Buy, Wine Enthusiast; classic Sonoma Old Vine Zinfandel.


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Cam Confidential


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Still a great value

I just picked up a few more bottles of this great Zin that CH "found" in the warehouse - was a bit concerned about how it might have been handled the past couple of years, but it drank just as beautifully as the last bottle we had stored in the wine cooler here. Outstanding - thanks for bringing back an old friend!


Verified Purchase


Great wine, excellent value


Verified Purchase

A classic

So excited that CH found some more of this gem in the warehouse - pulled my last bottle from the wine fridge to celebrate the impending replenishing! Great old vine Sonoma zin, perfect example of wines I fell in love "back in the day". Versatile, delicious...


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Light but pleasant

Not much oomph but opened up nicely in the glass over time, my dinner party all enjoyed it with grilled sausage.


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Great QPR

Excellent CH wine..again..


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Let it open up!

The first night I opened the bottle, my husband & I weren’t wowed by any means, but the next night when I poured him a glass of the same he asked “what is this? I like it!!” Let this one breathe first!


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Not much body nor finish

This one was pretty light; I much preferred the Bin 561 zinfandel, which had more body and complexity. I also didn't think it had much of a finish.

RB in Texas

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Best value!

We're big zin fans, and, after our first tasting of this wine, I ordered another case. Sure glad I did, as it looks like it's now sold out.


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Wish I could get more

Pleasantly surprised. Nice complexity and a great finish. Wish I could get more... Very nice Old vine zin.


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Yep fruit forward

Wow! Fruit forward I got not spice what so ever loved the dark rich smooth flavor. Let it breath, kept a glass over night and was sure glad I did, liked it even more.