Lot 539 2015 Oregon Pinot Noir
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Lot 539 | 2015 Oregon

Pinot Noir

At this price, certainly one of, if not the best, value in Oregon Pinot today.


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Cam Confidential


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Fruity but needed something to go with it. At this price, though, I can't really complain.


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Good Pinot

We really enjoyed this wine-it was a good value for the price.


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Nice Oregon Pinot at a good price

I enjoy Pinots from Oregon, but they are often overpriced. So glad we purchased several bottles before they were gone.


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Lean, smooth

One hour after opening...Cherry and raspberry notes . Initial light tannin bite. Fruity. Simple flavor profile, lean, smooth finish.

Exceptional Value Pinot

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Robust, young, rich, fruity.

For an incredibly young wine, this has exceptional promise. A bold bouquet of fruits, smooth finish, full flavor. Of the several Pinot Noir's we have tried (including two Dundee wines), this had the most promise. The bottle was finished before all others. Highly recommended, although it appears to be all out of stock.


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Great value, excellent Pinot

From our first bottle, we all loved this pinot. As a family, we tend to drink a lot of pinots. We enjoyed this one for its full palate of red fruits, dark cherry with a hint of raspberry. The added earthiness that made it so much more than the fruit with a more mature lingering taste. Excellent value made me go back for more! Easy to drink and enjoy.


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Good Value

This is our second case of Lot 539 Oregon Pinot Noir. I usually find Pinot Noir's too thin and bland, but this one has excellent flavors and is medium bodied. Another plus is it is from Oregon. I have given up on California wines unless organic. I try to drink organic only, but my husband doesn't care and wants to try different wines. So I look for Oregon and Washington wines for him. This Pinot Noir was perfect for him.


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We really really liked it.

We fell in love with this one. So did lots of folks. We tried to reorder and it was gone. Smooth, nice aroma, excellent palate.

The Birdie King

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Excellent Pinot for the Price

Have truly enjoyed this very fine Oregon Pinot Noir and are very glad we were able to order in a number of bottles. Highly recommend it for those who were able to get some.

John & Melody

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We love it.

We love it's rich aroma and fragrance. ... as well as the fine palate. We have already reordered to build up a supply before the lot is all sold out.