Lot 533 2015 Santa Barbara County Chardonnay

Lot 533
2015 Santa Barbara "Limestone Cowboy" Chardonnay

Sourced from a legendary limestone vineyard in Santa Barbara, this is a gorgeous Chardonnay that shows exceptional class and sophistication.
Shoots out of the glass with a gorgeous, zesty amalgam of acacia blossom, apple, and lemon candy – I could spend all day with my nose in this glass. Similar to the 2014, there is a seashell/mineral/ocean breeze note that underpins the higher octaves of the nose, making it wonderfully complex. It explodes on the palate with mouthwatering apple/lemon candy/honey blossom tension, chock full of mineral and seashell in a long, complex, and nuanced finish that never seems to end. Super fun and energetic and a true delight with food or without.

Style: Light, Crisp

Flavors: Honey, Lemon, Mineral

Cam Confidential

Lot 526 has been a huge hit over here, and I am very happy to have Lot 533 to offer. It’s the next vintage from the same producer out of the same vineyard and, lo and behold, it’s even better (that shouldn’t surprise you, every vintage is always better than the last). This time it even has the added value of a name “Limestone Cowboy” on the label which, of course, makes it better still.

For those of you aching for something different in California Chardonnay, I am pleased to offer an unwooded, no malo Chardonnay from a legendary limestone vineyard in Santa Barbara. No oak aging, no malolactic fermentation - minerally and crisp yet delightfully rewarding on the palate, this is a refreshing change of pace – here you’ll find the native flavors of the Chardonnay grape, and trust me, you won’t miss the oak or butter. If you were a fan of Lot 526, you'll love its 2015 vintage sibling.