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Lot 529 2015 Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay
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Lot 529 | 2015 Santa Maria Valley


This Chardonnay deftly walks the line between our Arroyo Seco bottlings and the unwooded Lot 526. Think Burgundy with a kiss of California sunshine.


(23 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


23 Reviews Total


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Very nice, drinkable, light style chard

Beautiful fruity nose. Very easy drinking would buy more if they were not sold out.


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Great change.

I love this chardonnay. It was a great change from the usual chardonnays.
I tasted no buttery taste and it has a lighter flavour then most chardonnays.
I will order more when I run out.


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Not sure how to characterize this

Just returned from a month in California. While I admit I have never been a big Chardonnay fan I enjoyed a wide variety on my trip. This 529 was a big disappointment. I wanted to give it a chance but after sipping and swirling a bit it was poured down the drain.


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We love this stuff

Ordered a case while we were in Florida over the holidays. Wished I'd ordered two. Got another case delivered home in Ohio. That's gone now. About to order two more to have on hand. Seems everyone who tries it asked us to bring some over. What more can I say?


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This wine has a bitter taste , and for my palate, not drinkable.


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Weak Chardonnay

This wine tasted more like a Sauvignon Blanc to me. I did not taste any buttery notes. Not one of my favorites.


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Not great

Well, I tried to like it, based on all the great reviews, but I just didn't! I'm missing the oaky, buttery flavor that I like in a chardonnay. One of my very few CH disappointments :(


Verified Purchase butter or carmel

I agree with Phil, Bev, Mrs. B and Doc...had a very tart component we did not like, no butter or carmel whatsoever (as described). We ordered a a mixed case and enjoyed them all but this one.

Chard lover

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A very nice surprise

I have purchased many a case of Cameron Hughes wine based on the description, and sometimes just a hunch. Am very glad we made this buy, only wish I had ordered more to save on the shipping. In a blind tasting, 4 of 5 of us chose 529 over very well known Chardonnay that starts with RY

Another good bottle

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Nice Chardonnay

These are one of those wines you will drink, you'll like it but won't crave it. I enjoyed it, it's a very good value, and like the description says not too much butter, but enough to let you know it's a Chardonnay. For the price it's a good deal.