Lot 524 2013 Paicines Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 524 | 2013 Paicines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Platinum Medal & 95 Pts, 2016 Sommelier Challenge; First-Class California Cabernet at an incredible price - there's more wine for the dollar here than perhaps any other Cab we've offered this year.


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Cam Confidential


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Very nice Cab, needs aging

I've never heard of Paicines before but I'm very glad I took the plunge to try. Very chewy tannins now, so to me this needs to age for a while and I hope it will smooth out over time. The fruit is intense complex berry and while it's hard to wait, I look forward to my next bottle in six months or a year.


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Great Cab

I liked this one very much. Very easy drinking full bodied cab. Wanted to get some more but its sold out. Great value for the price.


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Great cab, great value

No t an over the top Oakville or Alexander Cab...but that's a good thing. Some nights you want a knock you cab that you can play with on the palate.Other days (after work) you want a medium body profile with solid fruit, nose to start pounding! This is the winner...great attention to detail and very balanced.


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I was pleasantly surprised

Normally don't expect much out of a $15 cab, but this one surprised me -- smooth and easy to drink. It is not what you usually get out of the old NAPA wineries -- More Washington like -- but still a great value and a good wine.


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Sorry it is gone

I have ordered this twice now and when I come to order more it is all gone.................why does everyone else drink so much???????????
This is such an excellent wine for the money I suppose that its not surprising. Once again: thank you Cameron! Can you find any more??


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Really enjoyable

I love Cabs and this one doesn't disappoint


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Great Value

No complaints on this one, quite a find by CH. Will order more if available.


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Right what I was hoping for

Wine was just what I was hoping for at this price. Bingo.


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We enjoyed this wine (a lot!) and I am sorry to see that it is sold out.


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Ordered several bottles of this. Decided to order a case more but it's out of stock! Bummed