Lot 521 2013 Napa Valley Cabernet Franc
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Lot 521 | 2013 Napa Valley

Cabernet Franc

Gold Medal, 2016 Denver International Wine Competition; Gold Medal & 91 Pts, 2016 Sommelier Challenge; Our first Cab Franc release in 10 years!


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Cam Confidential


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Really Good Cab Franc

I got this one a while ago and put it down for two years.
Just had it and it was terrific. Should have tried it sooner and ordered more before out sold out.
Would like to see some more CH Wine Cab Franc offerings.


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too hot at pour

pnpd - this is not a pnp wine. Too much alcohol on the nose and on the acidic side. Has a mild earthy taste and smooth med finish. As the night wore on - maybe 1 to 2 hrs ltr, the tannin grew stronger and started to get hairy. The next day, the tannin was too overpowering


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Comparable to the best from the Loire

How much fun to have CH provide a cab franc that was as enjoyable as those from the Loire. Chinon. Bourgueil. Saumur. Anjou. and now, Napa. Thanks CH.


Very disappointing

I am a huge CH fan, and bought this on the strength of Cam's video review. Very, VERY disappointed. I find this thin and tart on the palette, with little depth and no sophistication. I normally buy CH wines at a slightly lower price-point than this as well, so I was expecting WAY more. At around $19 a bottle this is by FAR the worst value CH red I have ever purchased, which is very disappointing, to say the least. No idea what I will do with my remaining 5 bottles, as the prospect of drinking this is, well, not exciting.


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If you liked this, try some Cab Franc from Virginia

I rarely leave wordy reviews here, but this will be a little exception. We live near Charlottesville, VA which is known as a great area for Cab Franc. I've had a great many here, as well as others from CA, France, etc. Of course we had to try this, and it just isn't up to the best Cab Franc from this area. First of all, this was only accessible after a 1-2hr decant, so start there. The 521 has many of the features (and especially a nice hint of unexpected cherry) one expects, but instead of the rounded fruit and charming woody/gnarly edge we love from this varietal when balanced well, mostly what I get instead are stiff tannins. Not bad wine by any stretch, but for just a few dollars more I can get some of the best Cab Franc made here in central Virginia, which is comparatively a real treat.


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Very Good Cabernet Franc-Earthy and Peppery Tannins

This cabernet franc is great and a real surprise. I let it decant and wow it was peppery with smooth tannins. It almost reminded me of a syrah. I would suggest letting it sit for another year just to enhance the earthiness more. Great now and will be even more improved with a little age.


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Cab Franc is a fairly new varietal for me

Enjoyed this very bold but not overpowering wine with a porterhouse steak and brocoli rabe dinner.
It was an excellent pairing as it complimented both
the texture of the meat and the intensity of the brocoli. Think this is one of the best wine values that we have purchased from CH in the two years we have been drinking his wines!


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Nice Franc

Big bold red! Definitely pair with food...Franc can be a bit spicey if you're not a Cab Franc lover, hence tame that tart spicey profile with some smokey meat or seafood.
Spicey but still has some nice silky tannins. Solid price for quality Cab Franc. Maybe a bit more time in the bottle would even be better.


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Big and bold

Let this decant for at least an hour maybe two and you will be rewarded. Paired it with a ribeye and it was perfect


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Good, but perhaps just not for me

I branched out on lot 520, which is fantastic right now. However, I'm thinking Cab Franc is maybe just not quite up my alley. Perhaps this one needs more time though, because it was much more to my liking the second night. I'll try another and see if I can update soon.