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Lot 517 2011 Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir
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Lot 517 | 2011 Sta. Rita Hills

Pinot Noir

The 2011 vintage release of a stunning Pinot Noir vertical.


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Cam Confidential


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Nice wine

A nice wine for the price but not anything special. A very average pinot noir. Drink now.


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Freaking delicious

Ain't no more left. Consider myself lucky to have had the experience. Medium maturity with raspberry syrup flavors and length on the tongue. I miss it!!


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Very nice drinking now wine

Great nose with leather and spice. Nice fruit and black pepper on the taste. Opens up very nicely within 15 minutes. I think that I got some violets on the taste. At the end of the day, a very very nice wine. Lighter than the Cabs but a great value and very interesting wine.

Paul from NJ

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Great red from SR Hills!

For me - it's all about the drink-ability. Personally, I've had some pinot noir who just didn't live up to the hype (or price). I have been searching for a pinot that rewards me with the taste of something different when we are not in the mood for a light chardonnay or a full bodied cab. So we all tried it before dinner with some light fare and all of us really enjoyed this red from Santa Rita Hills - I'm glad I have a few more bottles in the cellar and look forward to the next opportunity to crack one open.


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Nice gameiness, cherries, spicy oakiness and earthy quality. Nice body and length.


Loved it

I bought the entire 4 vintage vertical when it came out and finally came around to tasting them all back to back. Call me crazy for taking the 2011 over the rest, but I think I liked this one the most out of the entire series. 2010 came a close second.


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Not bad

Tried at room temperature then twirled an Ice Cube for 5 seconds before removing it. Better cooler. Nice color and nose, good mouthfeel, 20 second finish. Fruity ad not real dry. I thought it was decent wine for an apparently off vintage.


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Very Good

This Pinot held up very well to rich Italian food. Chill it first let it breath then drink...


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I'm a Cabernet drinker. That being said, I found this Pinot pretty good...not great. It was better than other Pinots I have tried but not my favorite.


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Just okay

I love wine and will drink almost any wine you hand me. I thought this was just okay. My husband, however, is a little more picky with his wines and did not like this at all.