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Lot 511 2013 Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 511 | 2013 Columbia Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Gold Medal, 2016 Denver International Wine Competition; A dead ringer for Napa Valley Spring Mountain Cabernet...but for under $20.


(23 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


23 Reviews Total

CH fan Atl

Verified Purchase

One of my all time ch valuea

Ordered this wine in July and chose to delay shipping until October to avoid the heat.

Opened the bottle last night as a " nightcap" drink and was instantly impressed. Next night tasting was outstanding, causing me like another reviewer to a) see what I paid ($15 after discount!) and b) if I could order more (sold out - bummer!).

Generally not a WA cab fan but this wine tasted like, and was better than most $50 napa cabs. Big can but smooth tannins. Inky , modest tannins, black licorice, and plum.

Cam please find more!


Verified Purchase

Great cab for the price

Dark color, great finish can't believe it was only $18. So far very satisfied with th CH wines. Like I said great value but I plan to also try some of the higher end CH cabs as a comparion. I would recommend this one.


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Good but not great

I am generally very happy with the wines from CH. I also appreciate Cam's video reviews that help me evaluate the prospects. I also like the service and have no complaints whatsoever on that score.

I am definitely spoiled on the Stags Leap, Spring Mountain and Oakville type Cabs, so this one lacked several aspects of those blockbusters. My wife who doesn't drink in quantity thought it 'sour', I can translate that into 'rough" as oposed to smooth. The finish was not impressive and the general nose and taste buds reaction were thin, simple and unremarkable.

All that said, the wine was very drinkable and was a great bargain. I miss the availability of top shelf Cabs at CH of late though.


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Great WA Cab

A sturdy cab. Deep color, full bodied, long finish with a touch of velvet. Tannins mellowed out nicely after a few minutes decanted. Was great with the steak. Opened another for the chocolate desert.


Verified Purchase


This is a truly delicious cab. My husband and I just finished a bottle and I had to log in to see how much we paid for it. I was shocked it was only $18. It's worth at least double, if not triple the price. Highly recommended!


Verified Purchase

Excellent Cabernet

Dynamite Cab - easily worth 2x the price. Can't wait for more releases from Washington State!


Verified Purchase

Do I hear $40.

This is a DELICIOUS Cab. Dense slow moving legs long, long finish. This one just delivers! Have another case coming in October. Way to go Cam!


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Another hit by CH

A well balanced wine with a nice finish. A great value for the cost.


Verified Purchase

Perfect Cabernet

Wish all Cabs were this perfect at this price. Thanks Cam!


Verified Purchase


Used a decanter to help it open up. A completely delicious wine and a great value. Would definitely buy again if it's available.