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Lot 505 2012 Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir
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Lot 505 | 2012 Sta. Rita Hills

Pinot Noir

90 Pts, Editors' Choice: 2014 Wine Enthusiast; Gold Medal: 2014 SF Chronicle Wine Competition; Cellartracker Avg. Score 90 pts; Cult quality California Pinot Noir.


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Cam Confidential


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Oh so good.

Had our last bottle of this Pinot last night and it was wonderful. 2012 was a great year for CH Wines, I am down to my last 8 bottles of the Cabs from that year and they are all the best along with this 505 we finished. Wish I had more of them.

David Mac

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Oh, Santa Rita!

Black pepper and raspberry bonanza! Loved this hearty pinot in a long line of winners from the Santa Rita Hills area.


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Here I am enjoying my last bottle of lot 505 on March 20, 2019. This lot has alwa been one of my favorit Pinot Noirs. Hopefully CH will be able to score more of these high end Pinot's in 2019!

Angie's Choice Wine Blog

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Outstanding Pinot

A friend worked with Larry Stone, Master Sommelier. He worked with her to really develop an interest and appreciate for fabulous wine. It was Larry that helped her understand why she adores Pinots. This is her absolute favorite. I have one bottle left and I will only drink it with her. Here's to hoping CH gets more from this vineyard.


To Die For

Another wine I'd been saving and what a treat. Huge CA pinot that exemplifies Santa Rita Hills. There are few subtleties with this juice. It jumps out a whacks you, and in the best of ways. Everyone at the table went wild over 505. I wish more of this or something similar was around.


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Amazing wine!

Love this smooth, wonderful wine. I wish I bought more before it was gone. Looking forward to next years version.


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Fantastic Pinot

Really great wine at at great price. Wish I had more.

VTwine lover

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Still too young for me

Opened my first bottle of this wine tonight-one of my first wines tried from 2012. For me it is still too young as I usually drink my reds at 4+ years of age. After about 2+ hours it really blossomed and was a wonderful wine. I am always intrigued by how a wine develops over time not only after being opened, but over the years as well. I am looking forward to this wine in about another 2-6 years. The fruit and acid are there to give me great hope to try this until it is 10 years old.


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Cameron Hughes Pinot Noirs

The lot 505 is great. The first one I acquired, the Russian River Pinot Noir, got me interested in the Pinot Noirs. In past years was not a wine drinker. While stationed in Europe in mid 1980s, I became interested in wine! My wife says if I'm going to drink any alcoholic beverages, stay with's doesn't put on weight like beer!
There you have it from a 70 year old retiree that has been around the block a few times!


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Favorite CH Wine

I'm a big Pinot fan and this one is not only worth the premium but licks a lot of higher priced and notable Pinots. Great balance with enough depth and punch to make it a great drinking wine but also one that transforms with so many dishes. I'm stocked up!