Lot 503 2012 Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir
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Lot 503 | 2012 Santa Maria Valley

Pinot Noir

An amazing Pinot Noir value from the Santa Maria Valley.


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Cam Confidential


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Concentrated and juicy

Drank this one a few years after release- and its showas an unusually concentrated and energetic dose of mouth watering raspberry and cola at this point. Not shy with the fruit and ripeness, but balanced by a round and lingering acidity. Delightful new world style of Pinot, fruit forward for sure, but still harmonious and yummy.


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Nothing special

Closed nose and closed taste. I got nothing out of the nose and not much out of the taste. Drinking now but not a lot of fruit


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Love it's intensity

Love it's cherry and strawberry nose and essence! Not suite, just deep!
Great Pinot, broaden your expectations though...these grapes had a mind of their own.


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Nice, but ...

Have to agree with the high-alcohol complaints. This is a great Pinot Noir taste-wise, BUT there is a tad too much alcohol.


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Has everything you want in a Pinot, dances on the tounge. I wish I could get a bunch more.


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15.3% alcohol disqualifies this as table wine


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Not that great

Not a lot of flavor, had an alcohol vinegar finish. Not what I expected from CH. Hate to say it but you could do just as well in the grocery store for the same price.


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Great wine

Was very pleased with this Pinot. Easy to drink, not very complex, but good for vegetarian or chicken dishes.


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Made the dinner

This Pinot Noir was a welcomed compliment to the dinner. No one needed to be asked if they wanted a second glass. Really happy with my selection.


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I really enjoyed this Pinot Noir. Only purchased 2 and wish I had more.