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2012 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 501 | 2012 Napa Valley

Howell Mountain Cabernet

A giant Cabernet from one of Napa's most exclusive appellations.


(32 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


32 Reviews Total

Oliver PJ

Verified Purchase

Still tannic on Day 1 but drinking beautifully on Day 2!

Wow--this has really come together nicely. Still surprisingly tannic on Day 1 when we like Lot 502 much better. This 6-pack had sat untouched in the natural cellar under our house, and we are now tasting through all the great Cabs from 2012. This has still a lot of life in it--we'll drink our 5 remaining bottles over the next 5 years.

What an Great Cab!

This Cab has arrived

I always age the great fall releases and finally gave this one a try. It is drinking very well. Big but smooth and tasty. Very complex. It can be aged further and I think it will get better. A big wine and a great value. Thanks Cam.


Verified Purchase

Cannot get a better qpr.

I rated this wine a 93. Great juice with a mound of complexity. Love Howell Mountain wines, love Cameron Hughes. Please keep up the great work!



What a surprise!! This has been sitting in my wine cooler for two years and has mellowed. What a treat, classic Napa with up front fruit but not overwhelming. It finished perfectly with well integrated tannins. You will get a warm glow drinking this juice.


Verified Purchase

another great CH wine

there are a few reviews questioning this wine, but we have enjoyed it immensely. Keep it up Cam.


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Needs some time

The oak needs some time to integrate, but I think it has a great future. Somewhat reminds me of the 149.


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Try again

I am not sure if we had a bad bottle, but it was very bitter and had hints of vinegar. I would not recommend this wine at all.


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Thumbs down

This wine is very disappointing. It has a bitter tobacco like taste which is overwhelming. Perhaps in 10 years it will be drinkable but I would not buy this wine.


Verified Purchase

very good juice

Has many years ahead of it. Was a pop and pour. Initially, was not feeling the love. After about a half hour, the romance was in full swing. A full bodied and complex Howell Mountain cab. Enjoy.


Verified Purchase

Better than the premium Labels

Had a small party with friends who enjoy Cabs. The one had an $85.00 of wine from a premiere vineyard he was dying to try. Opened it , had it...pretty good. I then opened my Lot 501. My friend said it first. "Man...that bottle was better than mine" I couldn't agree more. No contest.