Lot 500 2011 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 500
2011 Napa Valley (Oakville) Cabernet Sauvignon

Gold Medal: 2013 Cabernet Shootout; An exceptional Cabernet from one of Napa's first 100-point producers.
Dark black core with kiss of magenta at the rim. The youthful aromatics open up with dusty loam and blackberry fruit that give way to a very compelling and very pure blueberry essence. Hints of plum and rose petal shimmer in the background. The purity of expression at this stage is very exciting (the wine was bottled in late August 2013, so it’s just now emerging from bottle shock). Silky smooth, delivering highly polished textures across the palate, with bands of black currant and plum swirling about a densely packed mid-palate. Excellent length and depth, but the ultimate expression here is one of silky complexity, beautiful proportion, and balanced elegance. Classy juice.

Style: Full, Bold

Flavors: Blackberry, Currant, Plum

Cam Confidential
In the tradition of sourcing Lots 200, 300, and 400 from some of the finest producers in Napa, Lot 500 comes from one of the best vineyards Napa has to offer. Located in the heart of Oakville, this is a tremendous estate that holds the honor of producing one the first Napa Valley wines to be awarded 100 points, and continues to make some of the best Cabernet you can find anywhere. The vineyard was replanted in the late 90s, and has been producing 94 to 98-point Cabs in the $150/bottle range since the mid 2000s. Naturally, they are very protective about their appellation, and insisted on us selling the wine with only Napa Valley as the label designation.
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Posted by: Bryan
On: 8/25/16

Nicely balanced Cab

So glad that we cellared this for awhile based on other reviews, and also decanted for about an hour before tasting. At this point, it is nice, open, and accessible. Rounded tannins, with balanced red and blue fruit. A very pleasant and interesting wine at this point in its life.
Posted by: Judi
On: 12/28/15


This was the best buy of my wine buying days. We bought a couple of bottles, and enjoyed them so much, and so quickly, that we wound up going back and buying a couple of cases. I loved it so much, that I only managed to hold one on the side. The rest are gone.
Posted by: Chris
On: 12/8/15

Got better..and better...and better!

This bottle has developed wonderfully. Smooth, rich, beautifully mellowed tannins, a gorgeous improvement from the first few bottles I sampled more than a year ago, when I wasn't quite as blown away as I'd hoped. But- with a 12 bottle purchase, I'm thrilled with what's left in the cellar. I am a lucky man!
Posted by: Michael
On: 11/11/15

Great Flavor

One of the best CH wines you are going to find. Tasty cabernet for a special occasion. I'm saving a couple bottles to see how this one ages. Hoping it gets better in the next 5 or so years.
Posted by: Chick
On: 5/15/15


Dry, fairly smooth, slightly oaky (I like oaky); I gave it a 92
Posted by: RVBJr
On: 5/12/15

Big Value

I'm assuming this is from Groth or Silver Oak, and if that's the case, this is a great relative price point for the same juice. I am assuming it is from Groth, as they were one of the first 100-point wineries (maybe I'm wrong), but I've also had the 2011 Groth Cab Sauv, and the profiles were comparable, so for about the half the price, this is an exceptional value.

That said, this is a big Cab, but I didn't love it as much as I like the 2011 Heimark juice from Lot 435. That said, at $25/bottle (with a discount), the Lot 500 is an exceptional value for a big bold Cab with a nice finish, and great mid-palate mouth feel. The structure is great...surprisingly nicely balanced. Too bad it was sold out, I'd buy more.
Posted by: Pierre
On: 11/7/14

What a Gem!!!

So I'm travelling on vacation on the Gulf Coast of Florida and we found this in a Costco there (I always check the Costco's when we travel because there is always some cool regional stuff that we never see on his site, or stuff that is already sold-out online). Anyhow, we bought 4 bottles and drank the first 3.

It was amazing. Truly a well-rounded Cabernet. It could use some more time in the bottle, but with some aeration and/or decanting it is drinking well now. I only wish I could have brought more back with me from FL!!! As it stands I only have the 1 bottle left and I will sit on it for a while and open it as a treat in a year or two.

Posted by: Gary
On: 9/17/14


I would order more, if it becomes available.
Posted by: Tek
On: 9/17/14

Something to write home about

It's not often you find a wine that just Wows you right out of the bottle, but this one definitely delivers! Along with Ara, a friend of mine, this was my first taste of CH. I've been trying many things over the last few years, and when we ran into Terry at the local shop, he was very happy to chat about all kinds of different wine topics.

500 is a delightful cab sauv, great fruit tones, an interesting nose that keeps you thinking, and a nice peppery finish. It's out of stock now, but if you ever find any for sale somewhere, don't hesitate!
Posted by: AgedtoPerfection
On: 9/16/14

Made me rediscover Cameron Hughes again

This was really good, it even tasted better the second day to me. It had what I look for in a Cab. I got this one from Costco and started to rediscover the goodness of Cameron Hughes Wines again.
Posted by: Ara
On: 7/28/14

A Celebration of Great Things to Come

This lot was my introduction to Cameron Hughes, and from that moment, I knew I was getting into something amazing and special. Rarely does a wine make you step back and say "wow", and command a bit of reverence like this one.

If this isn't Harlan Estate juice, I'd be surprised. Bravo on a commendable milestone, it definitely deserves a spot on the top shelf.
Posted by: Earl
On: 6/10/14

Top notch!

Opus...no doubt!
Posted by: Robert J
On: 4/24/14

Great wine as always!!

I have been a big fan of Cameron Hughes wines for several years. All of the wines are great, but lot 500 is the best! This is a big well rounded wine that is wonderful as a young wine it is so good that I will never be able to let it mature. We live the structure and depth of the wine. I tend to invent special occasions to open a bottle!
Posted by: Tom
On: 3/20/14

Great stuff

I had high expectations, and was not disappointed. Since I still have numerous bottles of Lot 200, 300, and 400 - my plan is to let these age. But decided to try one now. Excellent stuff. Great now, and expect it to be exceptional in a couple years. Be sure to use a vinturi strainer/ filter - loads of sediment. Great stuff!
Posted by: Dustin
On: 1/23/14

Agree its still young, but maturing nicely

Opened our first bottle last night and after decanting for 1 hour and running it through our Vinturi we each had a glass. The smoothness I loved in Lot 400 was there, as well as the fruit...just very little oak and length on the tongue. Improved a bit more with our second glass while enjoying some dark chocolate. If you have several bottles, enjoy one now...the water is warm. This will save you from the agony of looking at the bottle in the cellar, imagining the possibilities. I'm going to preemptively give this 5 stars, because I'm thinking that in about a year I'm going to enjoy this more than lot 400.
Posted by: matt Justin
On: 12/31/13

Needs more time in bottle

I absolutely love lot 400 and bought a case of 500 but it appears to be a little young and not coming around yet.

It does open up after a hour but still its missing that bold cab oak taste .

Ill put mine away and keep for a year then try again
Posted by: Stacy
On: 12/13/13

Is Lot 500 the Best X00 Yet? We Think So!

There's nothing oh-oh! about this wine! But let's put this into context. Our first CH Wine was Lot 29; a Lake County Meritage; then Lots 34-35 Cabs (all long gone). Since 2007 we've been loyal Cameron Hughes customers, even though a part interest in a wine shop got us industry discounts on our other cellar-brations.

Normally we cellar most reds at least 1-3 years before opening them. Occasionally we open a new and especially interesting one soon after it recovers from bottle-shock, and before limited quantities disappear. We did so with Lot 500.

Echoing the WOW of other reviewers, we tend to very much like all the Cab-based wines CH Wine produces, but this, although early in its life, does promise to be one of the best--difficult because we are still hoarding Lots 300 and 400.

We like to open a wine and sip it as we prepare dinner, to see how it evolves with air exposure. Then we track the trajectory through dinner. We try to save a little on a cruvinet (Nitrogen) for tasting the next night. When there was none left after last nite, that is a telling sign of how much we liked the wine.

Lot 500 started out a bit sweet, with enough stuffing to stand up to tastes at the stove. It was a perfect match to our steak--and our chocolate for dessert. CH Wines tend not to be Howell Mountain (for example) monsters we tasted and enjoyed in the old days of Napa Valley. Instead, they have a softer, more gentle and sophisticated 'round the mouth appeal. I think this one is the best yet.

Would we recommend this wine? Definitely, if this is within your price range. We cannot wait for our next bottle, probably six months from now; that is the way we track the ones we do open while they are still babes in the cellar. Buy it before everyone else discovers Lot 500!
Posted by: Victor
On: 12/13/13

Just a Baby, but Will be a Killer Wine

Still a baby, ergo a bit tight right out of the bottle. But it really opens up with an hour or so decant (or Cam's famous 24 hour method).

This is a very smooth, fruity - but not overly so, elegant wine. Well integrated tannins.

Will have a few bottles now, but most of it will go in the cellar for a bit. It will be a much better wine in 6 mos or a year.

Grab a couple cases before it's all gone.
Posted by: Earstin
On: 12/12/13

Needs a lot more aging

Bought a case and opened one bottle to share with my bride. bottom line. it needs aging. I'll put the remainder in my wine chiller for a few years ( 4 or 5) and it should be the best.
Posted by: jeff
On: 12/7/13


I have purchased a dozen or more Cameron Hughes wines. Most are good, some are great, the 500 is amazing, truly amazing.

This wine reminds me of the Wellman wine at twice the price. It is super smooth and has a perfect body and finish.

WOW, I wish I ordered 3 cases.
Posted by: Rin
On: 11/29/13


After decanting and breathing for an hour, this young wine released strong alcohol (13.9%) on the nose. The first taste yielded cassis, then dark cherries followed by chocolate and coffee after resting in the glass. Needs couple years aging in the bottle and will be one of, if not the best cab you have bottled.
Posted by: Chris
On: 11/21/13


Loved lot 300, loved lot 400 but lot 500 is definitely the winner!
Posted by: Scot
On: 11/12/13

Going to be Fantastic

There is not a thing wrong with Lot 500. I will say that it is still very young and it has a ways to go. It is not big or overpowering but tons of spice and the taste is already out of this world. I strongly recommend waiting for at least 6 months before you open this to allow for further development in the bottle. All the makings are there for one of the besh CH wines ever, if not the best. It is drinkable now however, how it tastes today and how it will taste in 6 months, I believe will be drastically different. I wanted to try it early so I could compare. I look forward to the transformation of what I believe might be the best CH wine ever! Congratulations Cameron and the team.
Posted by: Shaun Vaka
On: 10/29/13


True Napa Grand Cru with Cameron Hughes finishing touch!

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