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Lot 487 2012 Lodi Field Blend
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Lot 487 | 2012 Lodi

Field Blend

95 Pts, Platinum Medal: Critics Challenge; Food and Wine Magazine Summer Pick; One of Cam's favorite red blends.


(131 Reviews)

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Wine Details
Cam Confidential


131 Reviews Total

David Mac

Verified Purchase

A cornucopia of flavor

This was a wild wine on the palette. All those interesting varieties made for an interesting, if not muddled experience. Good, not great.


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2012 Great Vintage

Astonishing blend!!

Wine Lover

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Best Blend

This is the best blend we have had from CH. It is a shame that it is sold out.


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Love it

This was the first wine we purchased from Cam and is probably still our favorite to date in regard to great taste at such a low price. An excellent blend!


Good wine for the price

Bought a couple of bottles of this on a close out at a local grocery store and tried it the other day. Now I'm not a big fan of Zin blends but this one caught me by surprise. Plump juicy wine to drink with food. We had it with cheese and crackers but it would go good with any kind of red meat. A real steal at this price.


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A Very good QPR wine

Beautifully balanced wine with fruit forward notes that blend into a semi dry finish that has some depth and clarity. This is a smooth wine with great mouth feel and no harsh tannin.


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Just Outstanding

A gorgeous zin blend....astonishing at this price point! Beautifully balanced, wonderful bouquet, no "heat" here. Cam is right about this being a great BBQ and Pizza "summer" wine. I'll be very sad when the last of my couple cases are gone.


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Very good

We definitely enjoyed Lot 487. A great value with characteristics you normally find in wine north of $30 a bottle. No harsh alcohol, just rounded fruit with dominant Zin. Makes us want to have more.


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This was the best of the Lodi reds offered



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Love this wine

Yummy blackberry, cherry with hint of oak. Want more!