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Lot 483 2012 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
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Lot 483 | 2012 Russian River Valley

Pinot Noir

#4 of 4 super small-lot single vineyard Pinot Noir releases!


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Cam Confidential


14 Reviews Total


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Opened my only bottle of 483 today...aged to perfection. Rivals Top RRV Pinots at 3-5x the price and name. If anyone has more, please let me know!


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not a huge red wine guy and noticed the better the red the better I love your red's.


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A Little Rough for Russian River

I call this a second drinker. After I have had one or two glasses of either 505 or 482, I will drink 483. For me, it didn't have the depth of flavor that I look for in a Russian River Pinot. Still a good value, but not one of my favorites, which still is Lot 505.


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Best Pinot I have ever had


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I bought several of the most touted 2012 pinot noir wines and this is by far the best.


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One of the best Pinot Noir's offered. Congratulations

Your explanation and analysis is great.


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A potent Pinot

Perhaps the most full bodied Pinot I can remember tasting. Great fruit extraction, great aromatics. Not for those who prefer a light-weight dainty Pinot. Still, the price is right up there with big cabs.


Great pinot

Stock up on this one. Huge versatility for a pinot. Full bodied and rich. We enjoy this with a variety of dishes including red meat, pasta, and roast chicken. It's a great pinot.


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Fantastic Pinot

One of the best pinots I've tasted. Of the 480 series, 483 is by far the best. Rich flavor and great after taste. Goes well with just about anything.


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This is one great Pinot.